Crush Alert: Jung Hoseok from BTS

Welcome to Fuzzable’s Crush Alert, a section of our site where we bring you the hottest celebrities and influencers. We want to give you a reason to take a break from your busy day and spend your chill time reveling in the greatness of our chosen crush. Our today’s crush alert is dedicated to Jung Hoseok, who is otherwise known by his stage name “J-hope”.

If you have been following BTS and ARMY activities around their new single “Dynamite”, you might have seen Jung Hoseok stealing hearts on Twitter with his stunning visuals. Well, that’s an everyday story but we have a lot more reasons as to why you should love our happy pill J-Hope!

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Who is Jung Hoseok?

Jung Hoseok is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer from BTS. Specifically, he is the group’s main dancer and lead rapper. Hoseok is a well-loved member of BTS, known as the group’s ray of sunshine as he never fails to make other people smile and laugh. He is BTS’ mood maker, the member who connects the hyung line (older members) to the maknae line (younger members) through his funny antics.

Hoseok makes people happy by being a happy pill himself, and that is why BTS and ARMY love him. His interactions with ARMY and the unconditional love he showers on BTS members are always delightful to watch!

Here are some reasons why he is our crush:

His Charismatic Dancing Skills

Jung Hoseok is also known as the Dancing King of BTS. Before debuting with BTS, Hoseok was part of an underground dance team and was already well-known in the world of Korean underground dance. He won in various local dance competitions, as well as placing first in a national dance competition. Hoseok is regularly praised for his dancing skills, and the other members also rely on him whenever they need help in learning their choreography. His solo choreography for Boy Meets Evil already garnered 60 million views from his beloved fans.

His Bubbly Attitude

ARMY would know that Hoseok exhibits huge enthusiasm for dancing and life in general. He wears a wide smile on his face that rarely disappears and a playful demeanor that he always brings wherever he goes. Hoseok sets the mood during BTS lives and public appearances. 

He not only exudes warmth but has also become a source of strength for ARMY around the world. Just see him smiling and you will already feel better! Oh, by the way, his first mixtape is called Hope World, a testament to his optimistic vision for life.

What makes Hoseok bubbly? He actually made a small but definite list of things that make him happy. He loves getting good online deals for household and lifestyle items. He considers it an achievement whenever he comes up with cool beats for a song, saying “it felt electrifying and there was happiness in it.” He loves eating new and delicious food with BTS. Shopping clothes also make Hoseok extremely delighted, especially when he finds an item that is both pretty and cheap.

His Sharp Rapping Skills

Even though his main background is dancing, Hoseok is also a formidable rapper. He had no experience with rapping and music production before he joined BTS, but he was able to release his own mixtape, Hope World, last 2018. Our personal favorites from this mixtape are Daydream and Airplane, but we recommend all songs in Hope World, which received positive reviews.

Hope World showcases Hoseok’s passion for songwriting and music production. He felt nervous sharing his own music publicly, but releasing Hope World felt like “a new beginning.” It was his dream that came true.

The perseverance that he shows as an artist is inspiring.

His Stellar Stage Presence

Every ARMY would agree that Jung Hoseok’s stage performance can go from all-out cuteness to stunningly handsome. He can switch from those two with just a quick snap of his fingers. He does not only shine on stage but he also shows off his charisma during photoshoots. No matter where Hoseok is, people are easily captivated by his presence. One of his popular facial assets was his jawline, which ARMY and non-ARMY alike love to appreciate.

Hoseok is undeniably a professional performer, a fact that viewers admire and respect. His incredibly strong and visible aura on stage is powerful due to the support he gets from his fellow BTS members and his fans. And he gives his full support back to these people.

How to keep up with Jung Hoseok?

You can follow Hoseok’s activities on the group’s official Twitter account and Weverse where he occasionally responds to fans’ posts.

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Written by Euni

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