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Crush Alert: Hippo Campus

Welcome to Fuzzable’s crush alerts. A section of our site where we bring you the hottest celebrities and influencers. We want to provide you with a reason to be able to take a break from your busy day and revel in our crushes greatness. On this edition of Crush Alert, we’re bringing your attention to one of the hottest indie-rock bands around: Hippo Campus!

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Who is Hippo Campus and why do we have a crush on them?

Hippo Campus is a band from St. Paul, Minnesota that formed in 2013, right after they finished high school. Signed to Grand Jury Records, the band has released two albums, Landmark and Bambi, as well as several EPs, including the ever-so-great Bashful and South. 

But the real reason we’ve got a crush on this band? They’ve done everything in their power to bring attention to issues and causes — including while touring.

On their current tour, the band is partnering with Head Count, an organization that aims to help people register to vote, and Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization dedicated to helping end gun violence in the US. In the past, they’ve also teamed up to sell t-shirts, whose profits went to Everytown for Gun Safety.

They’ve also teamed up with To Be Human Co. and helped promote t-shirts, where all of the profits go to organizations that aid refugees and victims of sexual assault.

But their incredible work is icing on a cake — their music is phenomenal, well-thought-out and thought-provoking. We also can never get over how incredibly talented these guys are.

Check out these photos of Hippo Campus being completely crush-worthy!

via Brittany O’Brien,
hippo campus
Via Brittany O’Brien,

Hippo Campus are also becoming much more aware of their place within the #MeToo movement. In an interview with John Norris from Billboard, the band says they recognize that their fanbase is mostly composed of women and want to move away from the idea that a band whose fanbase is majority female is somehow less worthy of being seen as capable musicians.

And I think what people often fail to see too is that a young woman’s relationship to her music is one of the most beautiful things. It’s so intense, it’s so personal. Very vulnerable. – Jake Luppen

In the same interview, they say they want to learn about combating toxic masculinity — they say Bambi is vulnerable and that it stems from a personal place.

But we should all be talking about this, and questioning and feeling things about it. And in our line of work, it should be a topic that’s considered in our songs, in what we portray, it should be a part of what we do. – Whistler Allen

Via Brittany O’Brien,

Check out “Bambi” by Hippo Campus:

Hippo Campus is composed of five guys who are using their platform to bring attention to issues that matter to them and their fans. They’re bringing attention to issues like gun violence, sexual assault, the #MeToo movement and the importance of voting.

It’s important to recognize artists who use their platform to try to better the world — people who go out of their way to raise awareness of injustices in the world are people who deserve to be recognized for all the good work they do.

So thank you, Hippo Campus, for being awesome (and totally, 100% crush-worthy).

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