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Crush Alert: Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak

Who is Alexander Rybak and why do we have a crush on him?

Alexander Rybak is a Norwegian musician, most notably on the violin. Born in Belarus, his family moved to Norway at age 4 and studied music since a young age. He is known as the 2009 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song “Fairytale” and represented Norway in the ESC 2018 with the song “That’s how you write a song.” Alexander is really passionate in his music, composing such works as ‘“Into A Fantasy” for the Dreamworks film How to train your dragon 2 and wrote songs in multiple languages as he is fluent in English, Russian, and Norwegian.

Outside of his live performances, Alexander interacts with his fans through his YouTube channel and Instagram account. On YouTube, not only he posts his official music, but also covers of songs that he enjoys listening to such as the ESC 2017 winning song “Amar Pelos Dois” by Salvador Sobral.

Photographic proof of Alexander Rybak being ‘crush-worthy.’


All jokes aside, this is really adorable, seeing him this goofy, as well as spreading some positivity to his audience.

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A post shared by Alexander Rybak (@rybakofficial) on

We’ve seen edits where we post emojis around our fave celebs and influencers… but the fact that he took the liberty to post his own version of this trend just gives us butterflies.

Seeing Alexander in Action

I shall present to you the live performance of his song “That’s How You Write A Song” during the Melodi Grand Prix (Norway’s national selection for Eurovision).

Here, you can see how he just wants to have fun when performing.

How to keep up with Alexander

As stated above, you can follow Alexander on Instagram and YouTube, and he also has a Facebook and Twitter account. So make sure you follow those so you’re not missing out.

You can also follow us on Twitter @Fuzzable, to find out all the rest of our crushes. You’re welcome.

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