Crayola Enters Makeup with 58 Piece ASOS Partnership

Ever want to do your makeup with crayons growing up (or as an adult, no shame!)? Well, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Crayola (yes, that crayon-manufacturing Crayola), you can! They have partnered with ASOS to bring to your daily routines a 58 piece set – and the entire set is vegan!

The 58 piece set can be found all in one place on ASOS’s website here, though these are some of our favorite standout products from the collection:

Crayola Colour Crayon Trio Mermaid – £18

Photo courtesy of ASOS

Mermaids have been increasingly popular, and this cultural uproar no doubt inspired these crayons – and we’re so glad it did. These crayons contain beautiful pigmentation and are excpetionally aesthetically pleasing. If these crayons aren’t enough, ASOS is offering an entire mermaid eyeshadow palette that is equally (if not more) breathtaking!

Highlighter Crayon – Shimmering Blush – £11

Photo courtesy of ASOS

The highlighters in the collection come in a variety of colors, but this has to be our favorite! It is the age of rose gold, right?! With Shimmering Blush, you’ll look freshly sun-kissed and perfect for summer!

Crayola Makeup Brush and Pencil Case Set – £25

Photo courtesy of ASOS

With the actual makeup resembling crayons, what else would you expect from the brushes? Looking like Crayola’s signature markers, these brushes provide a classy, adult twist to a classic children’s product. The colors of the brushes also pop, making doing your daily routine that much more fun and exciting. Furthermore, they come in a classy case so you’ll never lose one of these beautiful brushes! These might just be out absolute favorite product from the line!

A large portion of the line is, you guessed it, a variety of colored crayons, and they’re all striking. Among the individual crayons, our favorites have to be Steel BlueEggplant, and Fuzzy Wuzzy, though we must admit that they all look phenomenal.

The collection has only just released, but it’s already gaining traction on YouTube. Rachel Leary, a popular beauty guru on YouTube, tests some of the products in her new video here:

The beauty of makeup is that it is ever evolving, and Crayola’s partnership shows just that. What do you think will be the next big makeup trend? Also, are you excited to finally be able to use Crayola makeup products on your face? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with your opinions and love for everything Crayola and ASOS!

Written by Preston Smith

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