5 of our favourite Crappy Design posts from February 2018

If you’re yet to download Reddit to your phone, then you’re seriously missing out. The aggregation site is jam-packed full of mind-blowing and humorous GIFs, videos and photos, and one of the funniest subreddits is Crappy Designs, a site exclusively for posting, well, crappy designs.

Today, we’re rounding up five of our favourite Reddit posts from Crappy Designs from February 2018.

5. A sliding door company… without sliding doors

byu/ZePenguinDoktor inCrappyDesign

Need we say any more!?

4. Fit forever… or fat forever?

An unfortunate logo for a fitness center
byu/Dingwallace inCrappyDesign

You wouldn’t feel very motivated pulling up outside of this gym.

3. If you don’t have a ticket, you better bring your…

I’d better get that ticket before it’s too late
byu/Mr4NAs inCrappyDesign

… erm, I think we’ll just buy a ticket.

2. Spider-Man, can you pass me a Kleenex?

Spiderman’s Web Kleenex
byu/realgrandpa inCrappyDesign

On second thoughts, I’m okay…

1. Let’s clean the floor so we can… erm…

Well, now that the floors are clean…
by inCrappyDesign

No comment.

Which of these Crappy Design posts was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below, and check back next month for another roundup.

Written by J

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