Compare My Move Offers Quiz to See How Trendy Your Home Is

Compare My Move, a U.K.-based website that helps everyday people with their moves, has released a trend quiz to help individuals and families see just how trendy their homes may be.

The quiz lists 25 popular trends sourced from frequently used Instagram hashtags and asks its participant whether they have these in their home or not. Each item is worth a different number of points, with the number of points received for owning one correlating with the frequency of its hashtag usage on Instagram. In other words, the more popular the item, the more points you’ll receive.

In the end, once the participant has read through all 25 trends, they must add their points together to learn their final score. This score will relate to one of four levels of trendiness: the minimalist (0-40 points), the average Joe (41-120 points), the style icon (121-250 points), or the influencer (251+ points).

You might be wondering what some of these trends are, though, and we’ve got you covered. The most popular, and consequently worth the most points, is the usage of house plants around your home. On the other end of the scale, worth the lowest amount of points, are velvet cushions. Lying in the middle of these two on the scale are walk-in showers, marble countertops, floating shelves, bar carts, and string lights, to name a few.

Curious to see the full list and find out whether you’re a minimalist, average Joe, style icon, or influencer? Take the quiz here.

What are your favorite decorative trends, and what did you score on Compare My Move’s quiz? Tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your decor opinions!

Written by Preston Smith

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