ColourPop x Sailor Moon

ColourPop X Sailor Moon: Bringing Back the 90s Magic!

When it was first launched, ColourPop X Sailor Moon’s collaboration came as a pleasant surprise for the fans. The brand crossover became the most ‘anticipated collection in ColourPop’s history’, with the range going out of stock as soon as it went live. This limited-edition partnership remains sold out even today.

Most kids have grown up watching anime. The restlessness and excitement that time-specific shows would bring can’t be relived in the world of Netflix and show-recording options on TV.  For me, it meant spending Wednesday afternoons at home, watching my favorite anime shows when I didn’t have to be in school. And, of course, in the 90s Sailor Moon was the way to go. Everyone had a favorite character, a color, a scepter, and a brooch. If you wanted to learn about planets, this anime was your reference point. All the girls watching the show had a common wish; we all wanted to be one of the world-famous Sailor warriors!

It feels good to stay connected to the anime that once was an important part of our childhood. And, ColourPop X Sailor Moon is helping us relive our good times! The eye shadow palette pretty guardian set includes matt, shimmer, and glittery colors with matching names to our beloved sailor warriors including Love, Tuxedo Rose, Luna, or Silver Crystal.

The full collection set extends the eyeshadow palette with two lip bundles, 2 blush compacts, which have Luna’s face on it and 2 glitter gels! Both products are available for the US contiguous, Canada, Mexico, Australia the UK, and France only.

The sets are currently out of stock but keep an eye on the ColourPop website here to be the first to get your hands onto the full Sailor Moon collection or the eyeshadow palette as soon as it is available again.

Get in touch with Fuzzable over on Twitter to let us know which piece of the ColourPop x Sailor Moon collection is your favorite.

Written by Vanessa

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