Astrology x ColourPop

ColourPop Launch New Astrology Collection

ColourPop have charmed us once again again, with the launch of their brand new Astrology Collection – a lovely, glittery line of eye shadow palettes based on each zodiac sign!

If the colours in each set fit your favourite is easy to find out, we took a closer look for you and give you all the details you need to choose below:

Each four-piece comes with two glittery shades and two matte, the fourth has the chosen zordiac sign imprinted.

Of course, ColourPop came up with some lovely names for each piece.

It sounds pretty catchy, when you’re able to say: I use Like a Virgo, Never Taurus apart or Pisces in the sky. Don’t you think?

What will make the choice a bit easier for us is the chance, to get our hands on bundles!

You can choose from four and depending on the colour mix you like best, here are the four bundles and which trio of four-pieces they include:

Air Time Collection
semi precious gemini
peace love libra
crystal clear aquarius

Deep End Collection
the secret life of scorpio
pisces in the sky
tender loving cancer

Fiery Much Collection
the bold & the aries
big leo energy
sagittarius in flight

So Grounded Collection
head capricorn in charge
never taurus apart
like a virgo

Each four-piece costs $9 and you’ll get a bundle each for $27.

To get more details of this adorable, bright and summery collection head over to the ColorPop website.

We’d love to know which ColourPop’s new Astrology Collection eyeshadows is your favourite, so get in touch and let us know on Twitter @Fuzzable now!


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