ColourPop Cosmetics Is Now Available at Sephora

ColourPop Cosmetics Is Now Available at Sephora

Siblings Laura and John Nelson, Founders of ColourPop Cosmetics, are now making it possible for their beauty fans to get their brand in a store. And that store is Sephora!

Made in California, ColourPop’s mission was to redefine luxury beauty by creating great products at prices that don’t break the bank. So it’s really cool to see Sephora teaming up with such an affordable brand, with eyeshadow palette’s being just $26 compared to other high end brands that can be as much as $65 for a palette.

Along with selling their products at Sephora, the brand is also selling brand new and exclusive makeup that fans haven seen from ColourPop before!

Check out what they’re selling at Sephora below:

ColourPop Cosmetics Is Now Available at Sephora

You can purchase ColourPop’s products at Sephora HERE.

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Header Photo by: Christina Choi

Written by Melanie Gomez

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