Is the Collection Lash Surge Mascara ‘Worth the Hype?’

If your a subscriber of LookingForLewys or SophDoesNails, you’ll of noticed that there is one mascara they pick a time and time again over high-end ones. This mascara has given Soph and Lewys some of the best looking lashes around. We don’t know whether this mascara is the answer to every flopping lash prayer we’ve ever had or if Lewys and Soph’s naturally stunning lashes mean any mascara would work well on them. So we’ve decided to test this mascara and see if the ‘Collection Lash Surge’ is worth the hype. 


My lashes are naturally kind of okay. They’re not the longest, or thickest – average overall. They take to mascara pretty well. I usually use and swear by Maybelline’s Lash Sensational – this mascara gives me the best volume and lasts all day.

I purchased Lash Surge from Superdrug for just £4.99 

First Impressions

The mascara tube is larger than a lot of mascaras. The tube feels comfortable to hold, with the indent making a perfect grip.

The wand is an odd shape, its rounded on one side and S-shaped on the other. The bristles are synthetic. It’s not too large or too small. The brush head looks like it will grip all my lashes and not be too messy, but only time will tell if that’s the case.

There’s no smell which is also a bonus!

(Mascara wands are hard to take pictures of)


I applied the mascara as I do normally, wiggling up from the root to cover every bit of my lash. The brush was perfect to get into every little lash and grip them. The formula was a little wetter than my usual mascara- but not in a messy way at all! The mascara dried very quickly and left no smudges. The wand was also perfect for gripping my bottom lashes!

My lashes were ‘surged’. I had the perfect amount of volume without clumps and they were fanned out perfectly.

Before application

After one coat.




I wore my full face of makeup from 11 am until 9 pm, so 10 hours. I wore it out and about on a windy day. This day involved an hour and a half walking my dog (including some running for sticks and balls) cooking in a hot kitchen and writing for about 3 hours. The mascara did not budge. There was no transfer to my under eye. The volume stayed all day and looked fresh, even with sweat and tears (cooking a stir-fry is stressful).


I washed the mascara off with micellar water as usual, and with minimal effort, it came off. I didn’t have to rub and tug for ages which felt great. My lashes didn’t feel dry after!

Final Thoughts.

Soph and Lewys were right. This is the best mascara on the planet. Collection’s Lash Surge mascara deserves all the hype in the world and more. It’s essential to any makeup bag!

Pick it up from Superdrug now!

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Written by Niki

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