5 Ingredients You Should Be Adding to Your Coffee Grounds

If you’re anything like us, you can’t survive without your morning cup (or pot) of coffee (no judgement here). Whether you enjoy your coffee black, with cream and sugar, or with liquid flavorings, you can always add more flavor to your coffee by adding some zesty flavors to your coffee grounds before brewing. Today, we are listing five of these magical additions, but there are many more that you can try, which makes it all the more fun – be creative, and enjoy getting flavorfully caffeinated!

1. Cinnamon

Though you may not want to add a whole cinnamon stick into your coffee machine, adding some ground cinnamon into your coffee grounds with add a warm, slightly floral taste to your coffee that will make it nothing short of addictive.

2. Salt

Salt may seem like a weird addition when it comes to making your perfect cup of coffee, but salt by its very nature draws out flavor and enhances it. Sprinkling some salt into your grounds will improve the flavor of the coffee itself while also enhancing the flavor of any sweetener or flavor you add to your brewed coffee.

3. Brown Sugar

While regular sugar might not mix well with coffee grounds, brown sugar, which possesses a decent percentage of molasses, will enrich the dark, rich flavors in the coffee beans while adding just a touch of sweetness. All in all, brown sugar is one of the best enhancers for coffee.

4. Vanilla

A classic combo, adding vanilla will make perfecting a vanilla latte perfectly easy to accomplish at home. You can scoop fresh vanilla from a bean into your grounds, or you can use some vanilla extract; either way, this is a classic combination for a reason!

5. Nuts

Another classic pairing, adding nut flavor to your grounds will make your morning coffee that much more fulfilling. You can add a nut extract (hazelnut or almond, for example), and it will be savory and filling and warmly satisfying.

These five ingredients are not the only delicious things you can add to your coffee grounds, though. Other fun examples include citrus, such as lemon, lime, or orange. Adding some fresh citrus zest to your grounds will add a brightness to the drink. With this, go off and be creative with each cup of coffee and enjoy your experimentation!

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Written by Preston Smith

capricorn, coffee addict, cat owner

twitter & instagram: @psm_writes

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