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‘Cloak & Dagger’ Review: Marvel’s Newest Series Truly Captivates

Marvel’s newest series, Cloak & Dagger, premiered earlier this month on June 7, 2018, and it definitely does not disappoint. For a glimpse at the series before the review, here is a trailer:

Cloak & Dagger has currently aired three episodes out of its ten episode order, and they have done a great job of establishing the characters, setting, and plot. The pilot’s opening scenes provide background for the series, introducing through flashbacks our two main characters, Tandy and Tyrone, who are connected through an explosion that appeared to give them their powers – and what exactly those are we still have yet to see.

What we do know is that Tyrone is seemingly able to teleport, and Tandy is able to create daggers out of, well, light. With these powers and the mysteries surrounding their inheritance in Tandy and Tyrone looming, this series is looking to be ominous and enjoyable.

The first two episodes are faster paced, showing the lives of Tandy and Tyrone and the shenanigans in which they become ensnarled. The third and most recent episode, however, slows things down. In a very character-driven episode, we get more insight into the minds of the duo which leads them to joining forces at the end of the episode in an attempt to better understand their gifts.

In addition to the show being written well, the series expands the scope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe quite well. Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, the series gives viewers a further glimpse into the universe apart from, say, the Avengers films – which are mostly set in New York or outside of the U.S. – or Runaways – which is set in California.

There series is also more character-driven and about the connection between Tandy and Tyrone, making it less about action and superheroes and simply about teenagers growing up and learning about themselves, others, and their gifts. In this way, Cloak & Dagger is more of a coming of age story than anything, and this take on a “superhero show” is refreshing, captivating, and welcome.

With Marvel’s ever-expanding cinematic universe, viewers are being taken on all sorts of adventures through time and space with a myriad of protagonists, such as the full-of-life-and-unkown-gifts Tandy and Tyrone. Because of this, Marvel is forever reinventing itself and what it can do. What stories would you like to see Marvel tackle next?

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger can be seen on Freeform on Thursday nights at 8 PM EST.

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