Choosing the Best Foot File: Top Factors to Consider

Self-care involves not only emotional care but also ensuring that our physical appearance is one that instils pride in us. From head to toe, you must make efforts to look good, and your feet is one area that you might overlook. We subject our feet to various treatments that make them prone to cracking, developing bunions and calluses. However, you do not have to keep your feet in these miserable conditions when there is a variety of foot files to guarantee smooth and soft feet. Here are some of the considerations when choosing the best foot file:

Ease of operation

There are two main types of foot files in the market; an electric and manual foot file. An electric foot file uses electricity or batteries to operate and are usually less tiring for the user. However, you must wash your feet first and soak them in hot water to soften calluses to facilitate their removal. Also, you must ensure your feet are completely dry before using an electric foot file. On the other hand, you can use a manual foot file which you must exert more effort to exfoliate. It has the advantage of not needing to pre-soak your feet before using it. Also, you should consider an ergonomic, non-slip handle that is comfortable to hold.


You can sometimes cause more damage to your feet when you apply too much force to the foot file. However, with some foot file such as the Amope Pedi perfect foot file, they have a built-in safety feature which enables the roller head to stop when you apply too much pressure. Further, to protect your feet, you can buy a foot file that incorporates a sanitising feature, and if your skin is sensitive, then you can consider a hypoallergenic foot file such as the Probelle 2-sided hypoallergenic foot file.


Just because you are travelling does not mean you have to walk around in cracked heels. There are foot files that are portable such as the rechargeable electronic foot file by Own Harmony which has a built-in rechargeable battery which you can use for 45 minutes continuously. Besides, you will not need to replace it until you have used it for over 750 hours.


Foot files have different capabilities. For instance, you will prefer a foot file that has a convex curve instead of being straight so that it can access the arch of your foot. Moreover, you should consider a foot file that is large enough to cover a larger surface area and one that is also lightweight to enable you to use it effortlessly. Still, some have two sides with different levels of coarseness on either side to suit your needs.


There is no point in buying a product that will force to make endless trips to the shops after each use. You should buy a foot file that has a replaceable blade so that even after it is no longer useful, you will not have to buy the entire package. A replaceable blade also enables you to remove it for cleaning thus helping you maintain high hygiene levels. Further, some foot files have weak handles that break at the slightest pressure and you should, therefore, search for one with a durable handle.


You must consider the price of the foot file and compare it with the features it has to see if it is a valuable purchase. Still, if it goes beyond your budget, there are other options you can consider that will always keep your feet smooth.


Having a foot file will save you lots of money that you would otherwise spend in salons. Besides, doing something on your own will give you a sense of achievement so now that you know what to consider, you have no excuse not to pamper your feet. Go forth and get what suits you best!

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