Choosing A Bikini That Will Fit Your Skin

Bikini season is something that many people look forward to with a lot of anticipation. They are excited about the chance to get out in the sun and sand and enjoy a little bit of relaxation. For many people who aren’t built like models (which is most of us in the real world), picking the right bikini can seem like a daunting task.


To find the right bikini, it is important to throw out all of your preconceived notions about what a bikini is meant to look like. When you go into this with an open mind, a sense of style, and an understanding of what will make your unique body look amazing, you are certain to find a great bikini that you look great in and feel comfortable wearing.


Choosing The Right Bikini Based on Your Shape

There are several rules you can follow based on your body shape to make sure the style fits you and looks nice and comfortable. Some options include:

  • If your body shape is an apple, go with a tankini. These body shapes have a larger midsection with arms and legs that are thinner. A tankini that has some shapewear in it will help to draw away attention from this area. Use a bottom with high cut sides to really show off your legs.
  • If you have an athletic shape, then you should go with a ruffle bikini. These body shapes are straight up and down without a ton of curves so adding ruffle can give an appearance of this. A bikini with some ruffle on the bottom or the top, or on both, can give you more shape if you would like.
  • If you have an hourglass shape, then a string bikini is a good option. Those with this body shape have a small waist with almost identical hip and bust measurements. The string bikini will help to show more attention to the curves.
  • If you have a pear-shaped figure, then you should go with an underwire bikini. This type of body will have larger hips with a small bust and waist. Using the underwire top helps to enhance the bust while drawing up the eye. You can also pair it together with a hipster bikini bottom to provide the coverage that you need while balancing the hips.


Choosing a Bikini Based on Your Skin Tone?

Now that we know a little more about the style of bikini that looks the best based on your body shape, it is time to learn how to pick the right color as well. The right color to choose for your bikini based on skin tones includes:


Very Light Skin

If you have a light skin tone, especially with red or light blond hair, you should go with a softer color. You may make more of a statement with something bold, but it will make that pale skin show more. Soft beiges, blues, and pinks can look nice. You can choose black but it isn’t one of the best options for the lighter skin tones.


Creamy Light Skin

If you have light skin but with darker hair, you will find that any color in blue will work well. Have some fun with all of the blues to pick out something you like. Even emerald, fuchsia and plum can work with this skin and hair combination.


Light Brown or Olive Skin

If you have olive skin with medium or dark hair, then you can wear almost any swimsuit color that you would like. Black will look amazing as will dark blues. Army greens and burnt oranges will pop with this combination as well.


Caramel Skin

If you have caramel skin with brown or black hair, then deep oranges may look great along with cool aquas, mint greens, navy, teal, and purple to showcase your natural glow.


Very Dark Skin

This is the skin tone that will do well with pastels. Soft pinks, pale yellows, minty greens, and baby blues will look amazing. Stay away from the really bright and bold colors.


Picking a bikini can seem like a daunting task. Some bikini shop like Fused Hawaii actually have support group where you can ask questions and opinions with other ladies on what types or color will match you. Bottomline, you want to make sure you get one that is comfortable and looks amazing on you. But each body is different and what may look good on one person could look bad on you. Knowing your body shape and choosing by your skin tone can ensure you get the right bikini each time, regardless of your unique style and body.

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