How to choose the right university for you

A lot of people will be making the all important choice of which university and course to go to and spend the next chapter of their lives at. But, how do you make that crucial choice or what and where to study?

We know how hard and stressful the process is, so we have made a little help list to help you on your path to picking the right course and university.

What do YOU want to do?

A lot of people picking their course may feel the pressure from their family or friends to pick something which they might not necessarily want to continue their studies in. It is so important to pick a course which you want to do, and which will benefit you in your desired career path. Don’t pick a course to please the people around you, pick a course which you truly want to do.

Research Your Options

Knowing the best university for your course is important, and researching this is the way to succeed in picking the right one. Use university guides to help you find the best place to study for your course, and then make a spreadsheet with the all important information for that university such as the entry requirements, course specification and modules, university location etc.

Visit your choices

You could have your heart set on a certain university, but then as soon as you visit your opinions completely change. A lot of universities are different on paper to what they are in reality, so visiting a university really gives you an idea of what their atmosphere is like – something which they can’t portray in a prospectus.


If your course is going to benefit from work experience, placements, or guest speakers, make sure that you look at universities which offer all of the above. Some universities will go above and beyond to make sure that their students will have these opportunities, so make sure you find out about what the university can give to you extra to your lectures.

Worth your money?

Fees vary depending upon course length, course, location etc. You could be eligible for funding for both your course and living fees, so when you are deciding on your university also take into consideration the cost of your course and accommodation, and work out how much money you will receive to fund this and whether you can financially afford that particular university.

Local life

This might not be important for all courses, but for such courses as music, making sure you are in a location with a great music scene will really benefit you. Even if your course won’t benefit from the local environment, making sure that it is somewhere where you could comfortably live is very important.

Picking a university is a scary thing, and some people find it pretty daunting. But, this is just the next chapter in your life, and should be seen as an exciting opportunity!






Written by Gabby Fabrizio

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