Chic Ways to Mix & Match Dining Room Chairs

Creating an inviting, homely and personable living space can be a little tricky. You get buried in an array of online inspo, pins, pictures and styled scenes on homewares sites. When the time comes to actually start your styling process, you already feel confused! Well, not to worry, this article has got you completely covered when it comes to styling your dining set in an interesting and unique way! Mixing and matching are really welcomed in all avenues of design, whether that’s art, clothing, jewellery and now interiors too! Freeing yourself up and allowing yourself to be a little playful with how you decorate is going to give you a home that’s full of personality, and you never know, you might just fall in love with interior design in the process!

One colour, different shapes

This is a great way to go if you want to dip your toe in the mix and match trend, without winding up with something that you don’t necessarily love. Pick a colour that’s tonal, understated and easily integrated into the rest of your décor, a classy neutral would work perfectly here. For a truly timeless feel, opt for upholstered chairs in different shapes. You can vary the form however you like, some with armrests, some without, higher seats, longer legs, decorative backrests, backless bar stool styles – whatever you like! If you don’t want a fabric chair, try and find different shaped chairs made out of the same material, wood or steel are great.

Different colours, one shape

This is another great way to experiment with the trend without being too playful. Find a model that you absolutely love and search for it in multiple shades! Having your chairs made or upholstered will be especially helpful in this situation, that way you can choose your exact colours! You should really go one of two ways here, either all-out colourful or work within a scheme. Your colour scheme can really be as you wish, but you should try and stick within a tonal or emotional family. For example, pair duck egg with malachite, charcoals, pale greens and muted navies.

Variations of the same shade

This has been a huge deal in the fashion world recently, so why not try it out in the home as well? Find varying tones, depths and textures all centring around one of your favourite colours! Maybe you’re going for a red? Opt for darker burgundy, wine tones, classic fire engine red and a lighter, watered-down rouge. This will look incredibly creative, interesting and visually unimposing.

Eclectic mix & match

If you really love a bohemian, collectors vibe, there’s absolutely no reason not to head into this trend with your guns blazing! Pick up different models, sizes, colours and materials to create a warm, exciting and truly unique dining experience! This is going to look best with a relatively minimal style dining room, crowd the space too much and you risk creating a bit of a messy, even stressful scene.

Any one of these mix and matching methods is sure to look incredible in your dining room. The key here is to stick to what you’re comfortable with and what makes you happy! There’s no hope when you only engage with a trend because you feel like you have to, so be sure to always stay true to your personality, tastes and preferences. Explore dining chairs in Sydney to find amazing quality and stylish pieces.

Written by Monella

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