Lush's Mother's Day

Check Out Lush’s Mother’s Day Collection!

How do you say thank you to one of the most important women in your life for well… giving you life? Well, here at Fuzzable we’ll be starting with an online shopping trip to LUSH and their Mother’s Day Collection!

Introducing Lush’s Mother’s Day 2021 range! When saying thank you is all-important this year, gift yourself or someone you love, one of these limited-edition vegan treats to relax and unwind with. There’s so much to see in this range with quite literally something for everyone and is available to buy at Lush now!

So let’s take a look…

Happy Mother’s Day – £50

Lush's Mother's Day

This gift is packed with seven heavenly products and tied together in a beautiful, reusable Knot Wrap! Whether they love long baths or a quick shower, this Lush Mother’s Day gift will definitely leave your loved one feeling appreciated and smelling amazing.


  • Mother of Pearl Bath Bomb
  • Rose Gold Bath Bomb
  • Jasmine Cream Bubble Bar
  • Dream Cream Body Lotion
  • Lotus Flower Soap
  • Mamma Mia Body Scrub
  • Rose Jam Shower Gel

Mum – £26

Lush's Mother's Day

This is the perfect gift for Mothers who are lovers of long, relaxing and beautifully fragrant baths! So whoever you call ‘Mum’, this collection of bath bombs and bubble bars is the perfect gift to show you care this Mother’s Day…


  • Mother of Pearl Bath Bomb
  • Rose Gold Bath Bomb
  • Violet Cream
  • Bubble Bar
  • Jasmine Cream Bubble Bar
It’s not just our Mothers that need a little treat right now, there’s a lot of loved ones in our lives who deserve to have a little TLC. Whether it’s you, your sister, your mister, or your best friend, show a little love and tenderness with one of these cute gifts!

You’re The Best – £16

lush mothers day collection

This trio of shower and body products is the perfect treat for your number one! Let them know they’re better than all the rest with this little package full of love…


  • Comfort Zone Shower Bomb
  • Sleepy Body Lotion
  • Mamma Mia Shower Scrub

Rhubarb And Custard: Soap and Dish Set Gift – £20

lush rhubarb and custard

Who doesn’t love the classic combo of rhubarb and custard? Give the gift of clean hands with this deliciously decadent rhubarb and custard soap, complete with its own unique soap dish. The dish is made from 79% recycled white clay, which is harvested from the wastewater from the production of sinks, toilets and tiles. And honestly, we’re obsessed with it, the pattern and colourings are so cool!


  • Soap Dish
  • Rhubarb and Custard Soap

Thank You – £10

Lush thank you

This one just makes us at Fuzz smile, it’s so bright and cheery even looking at the picture of it has brightened our day! The gift includes two bathtime treats, a bomb and a bubble bar. It’s truly an uplifting gift that really says, thank you.


  • Atom Heart Mother Bath Bomb
  • Rainbow Mini Bubble Bar
If you want to gift your loved one something a little more personal, or maybe you like a few products from different sets, simply make your own gift! Buy any of the products featured in the collection individually and tie them together in one of Lush’s beautiful Knot Wraps!

Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars and Scrubs:

NEW! Mother Of Pearl Bath Bomb – £5.95

Lush's Mother's Day

When only the best will do – gift your mother a pearl. And if you can’t afford that, this Mother of Pearl bath bomb from Lush is an even better option! It creates a luxurious milky bath that smells of fresh orchids, whilst the outer layer softens and moisturizes as it melts. This is bathing with some serious skincare benefits.

NEW! Violet Cream Bubble Bar – £5.95

lush mothers day

This might be the prettiest bubble bar we’ve ever seen! With uplifting violet and bergamot scented bubbles, you can truly relax into skin-softening lilac waters. But be warned this product is so beautiful it may be hard to bring yourself to melt it.

NEW! Atom Heart Mother – £4.50

lush bath bomb

There’s nothing we’re longing for more than bright blue skies, but while we wait why not indulge in this little ball of happiness! Enjoy the sights and scents of a summer’s day from the glorious warmth of your bathtub…

NEW! Jasmine Cream Bubble Bar – £5.95

lush mothers day

We’re obsessing over these floral products, the cuteness is off the scale! This Jasmine Cream bubble bar is elegantly floral with a creamy fondant filling. So pop it under your tap and let the fragrance of jasmine and ylang-ylang fill the air, while skin-softening bubbles fill your bath.

NEW! Rose Gold Bath Bomb – £4.95

lush rose gold

This bath bomb will turn your basic bath water into a vibrant, shimmering sunset. Orange and pink hues swirl while the calming floral scents release from this ornate pomander.

Returning! Mamma Mia Shower Scrub – £11 – 300g / £20 – 625g


lush mamma mia scrub

Returning for a limited time only Lush and the Mamma Mia shower scrub! Take a chance on a powerhouse of pink ingredients. Refreshing pink grapefruit, cleansing rose clay and exfoliating Himalayan salt. My, my, how could you resist it?

Knot Wraps:

We love Lush’s reusable and eco-friendly fabric gift-wraps! These Knot Wraps are the perfect alternative to wrapping paper, they’re not only reusable, but they’re also made from organic cotton, recycled bottles or upcycled Vintage scarves! And as an added bonus, customers can return Lush labelled Knot Wraps in exchange for 50% off another Knot Wrap of the same size, with Lush’s Knot Swap Scheme! The possibilities for these Knot Wraps are quite literally endless. A few that come to our mind are the obvious headscarf, tie it around the handle of your favourite bag, use it as a wash bag for travelling, or simply use it to wrap up any future gifts!

Little Daisies Knot Wrap – £4

Lush's Mother's Day

This little field of daisies is perfect if you’re looking for a more sustainable gift wrap. At 50cm it is ideal for a single bath bomb or perfume.

Made from one recycled plastic bottle.

Grace’s Cat Knot Wrap – £5

lush mothers day knot wrap

Purrrfect for cat lovers everywhere, this reusable gift wrap is a great way to avoid single-use wrapping and give something that lasts. This print was designed by a staff member at Lush Belfast, and we at Fuzz would like to personally thank them for this beautiful design!

Made from two recycled plastic bottles.

Pretty in Pink Knot Wrap – £4

lush pretty in pink

A delicately patterned sustainable gift wrap, perfect for Lush’s Mother’s Day gifts! At 50cm it is ideal for a single bath bomb or perfume!

Made from one recycled plastic bottle.

Tree of Life Knot Wrap – £12

Lush's Mother's Day

This one is just perfect! The intricately designed gift wrap will cover even the largest hauls. At 100cm, it can live on in a multitude of ways, from decoration to a bag!

Made from six recycled bottles.

Sunflowers Knot Wrap – £5

lush sunflowers

Brighten someone’s day with this stunningly vibrant design! This eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper is perfect for reuse after gifting Lush’s Mother’s Day essentials!

Made from two recycled bottles.

Psychedelic Swirls Lokta Wrap – £1.50

Lush's Mother's Day

Major 70’s psychedelic vibes, this would make a gorgeous hair accessory, we can just see it tied around a high ponytail or messy bun! It’s also the perfect way to gift wrap a bath bomb like the Atom Heart Mother, or if you like colour coordinating, the Rose Gold bath bomb! Lokta wraps are an alternative to traditional paper wrapping. Wrap up a 30ml perfume, 100g pot, 100ml shower gel or a standard-sized bath bomb for your personalised gift!

Lokta Wraps are handmade in Nepal and printed in the UK and are not only recyclable but VERY reusable.

And don’t forget to keep your full-sized Lush plastic packaging to return to your local store, where it will be recycled under Lush’s Bring it Back scheme. For each plastic item returned, you’ll receive 50p to spend on your shop!

Let’s hear it for Lush’s Mother’s Day collection! There’s definitely something for everyone, so no matter who you call Mum, make them feel loved this Mother’s Day with a little gift from Lush! Let us know what you think on Twitter @Fuzzable!

Written by Kitty Fox-Norris

I'm a Media and Popular Culture student with a passion for writing!

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