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Chanel Joan Elkayam: Thrill of the Forbidden collection

Chanel Joan Elkayam is a designer who uses her designs to make statements, her latest collection Thrill of the Forbidden is no different. she is one of the youngest designers to show collections at all major fashion weeks, all achieved while studying for a BA in Womenswear at the iconic Central Saint Martins school in London.

Her A/W 2020 collection which she showcased as part of London Fashion Week earlier this year at Cecil Sharp House is an exquisite collection by a designer who strives to make a difference with her garments and is a big advocate for making the fashion industry a wholly inclusive place for all.

Her latest collection entitled “Thrill of the Forbidden”, takes inspiration from one of the greatest female spies of the 20th century Mata Hari.

Mata was a mysterious woman whose charm ensnared her lovers often leading them into compromising and dangerous situations. Her complex character, self-obsession and knowledge of how to use sexual chemistry. meant she defied male expectations of the time, choosing to an independent unconventional life.

The entire collection is beautiful, it’s mysterious, enticing, full of dramatic silhouettes that instantly grabs hold of your attention.


Chanel just graduated earlier than expected from Central Saint Martins due to the global pandemic.

Known for pushing boundaries and showing diversity and inclusion in all of her runway shows and campaigns. The Thrill of The Forbidden Collection was no different. Chanel continues to pursue her passion and desire to make the world of fashion an inclusive and safe space for all to express themselves.

For this particular show, Chanel featured the absolutely stunning Paris Allen.

6ft3 Model, Paris was 35 weeks pregnant when she walked in the show with Ava & Noah Morris.

 Paris gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (Aurora-Rae) 4 weeks after the show on Mothers Day in the UK, which we at Fuzzable think is a lovely piece of news in a time where good news and positivity is pretty hard to come by!


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