Celebrity Inspirations: Nolan North

Who Is Nolan North?

Nolan North is an American actor and voice actor, who has lent his voice to a variety of amazing and iconic characters in video games; such as “Nathan Drake” in the Uncharted franchise, “Desmond Miles” in the Assasins Creed game series, and “Penguin” in the Batman: Arkham games. He has been doing this for 2 decades now, bringing joy and amazement to millions of gamers around the globe. North has also done some very notable acting work throughout his career, his first known role being in the General Hospital spin-off Port Charles, where he played “Doctor Chris Ramsey”. His most recent role was playing “Peter Hastings” in the Pretty Little Liars series.

What Makes Nolan North so Inspiring?

Of course, it is known to many that North is an extremely popular voice actor, but it is his talent and dedication to the industry and the fact that he has given his voice to an unbelievable 130 characters that have made North, known as an icon in voice acting and video gaming industry. Back in June this year, North was honored with a special and very well deserved BAFTA award for his “Outstanding Contribution to Performance in Games” In addition to this incredible honor, North has won and been nominated several awards throughout his phenomenal career, some of these include Behind the Voice Actor Awards, The Game Awards, and the Online Film and Television Association. To name a few.

What Is Nolan North up to Now?

Of course, Nolan is still doing voice acting and we don’t believe he’ll be leaving our video games anytime soon. Currently North is attending many comic cons in the U.K. and in the States. Every Thursday, he hosts a gaming channel on YouTube alongside fellow voice actor Troy Baker where the pair plays some of their favorite games from their childhood. Their channel “Retro Replay” is considered to be very popular among gamers, new and old. They are currently at 75,000 subscribers, so can we get them to 100,000?

We would like to take this time to thank Nolan North for his phenomenal contribution to voice acting and for bringing so much happiness to so many people, whether it being gaming fanatics or just the cut scene watchers. We thank you, Nolan, and hope to see you in more games soon.




Twitter- @nolan_north

Instagram- @reallynolannorth

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Written by Kay Simpson

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