Celebrity Inspirations: Daniel Howell

Who is Daniel Howell?

Daniel Howell is a British YouTuber and former radio 1 presenter; he is best known for bringing whacky and hilarious videos to his YouTube channel and providing joy and laughter to his 6.5 million subscribers.

Daniel provides his unique sense of comedy and style to his followers. Some of his best videos are when he is speaking realistically but also in a hilarious way. For example: his “What NOT to do at University” video shares his experience during his very first week at university, when he was studying his law degree and the crazy antics that occurred during his time there, including crying in the cheese aisle of the local supermarket to getting his socks stolen at the laundrette.

Fans best know him for bringing very funny and enjoyable videos with the equally incredible Phil Lester, who is known as “AmazingPhil” to his subscribers.

What makes Daniel Howell so inspiring?

People immediately assume that just because Daniel is a YouTuber, that he will only provide comedic content with no originality, but Daniel has proved on many occasions that this is not true. He has spoken openly about mental health issues. During a YouNow live stream, he actually provided advice on breathing during an anxiety and/or panic attack, also assuring his fans that everything will be okay. One of his most recent and most memorable YouTube videos, during world mental health day, Daniel released a video simply called “Daniel and Depression.” He uses his usual brand of humour to easily connect with his followers but still manage to make the video very educational and actually quite emotional, describing what this horrible mental illness is and how it has affected him personally, from not being able to move from the floor due to his emotional state, to having to move onto anti depressants. The very day the video was released, it was announced that he had become an ambassador for “Young Minds” – a mental health charity who strive to lead “the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges.”

Not only is Daniel an incredibly funny and down to earth individual, but he has also shown during many fan meet ups and during live shows that he is also incredibly lovely and caring. One of our writers shared her experience meeting Daniel and simply said, “I told them that their videos helped me so much through my depression and that Dan’s depression one gave me the push to get my anti depressants, he was like oh my gosh that makes me so happy, thank you so much.”

We believe that Daniel Howell is such an amazing and inspiring individual and we recommend for all our readers to check out this incredible human being on all platforms.

Daniel’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danielhowell

Daniel’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/danielhowell

Daniel’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/danisnotonfire

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Written by Kay Simpson

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