Celebrity Inspiration: Roger Clark

We all have people whose journey inspires us and motivates us to pursue our dreams. Here at Fuzzable, we share our celebrity inspirations, the lessons we learned from them, and the moments that moved us. Today, we introduce you to Roger Clark, whose trajectory as an actor and humility as a person has inspired a lot of people.

Who is Roger Clark? 

Roger Clark is an American actor, most memorable for his role as Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2. Clark truly took the audience’s breath away as he brought our favorite outlaw to life, bringing an emotional sense to this very deep character, he showed a side to Arthur that allowed people to grow so attached and make the game more and more re-playable!










Clark has also voiced many audiobooks in his career, his most recent being “Way of The Lawless” by Max Brand. Clark’s calming and soulful voice brings any story to life, it’s no surprise to anyone that his vocal narration and voice acting is so highly revered by his fans.

Why is Roger so Inspiring? 

Roger has been nominated and has won many awards and accolades for his performance as Arthur Morgan. His biggest being the “BAFTA” for Best Performance. Clark won the Game Award for “Best Performance” back in 2018 and he gave a fantastic speech, not just thanking the fans and family but also sharing his love for the industry and utmost respect to all those nominated. One truly deserving of such an incredible award! We hope to see Roger get the same recognition in future roles.


I find Roger Clark inspiring because even though he started his journey like a lot of actors but what’s so different about him is that he is so humble and grateful to his roots and to the place where he is now. He always makes time for his fans, every time I met him at a con, he always presented himself as a kind gentleman. He appreciates the acting industry in all its forms and you know with every role that he will do, he will take his time and give it is all! 
Dublin Comic Con, Convention Centre, Dublin


Today, Roger hit the milestone of 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he shares a variety of different content, including a monologue from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. He has also shared snippets from his audiobooks and various interviews.

What Is Roger Up To Now? 

Roger is of course still acting; he still continues to work hard on various audiobooks and is working on a 2D platform game “Lunafon: Tales of the Moon Oak” from Ddraig House Game Studio. We hope to see more content from Roger soon, whether it be acting in games, theatre, or television and film. We know that Clark will put on an outstanding and memorable performance.

We wish Roger the best of luck with the future and applaud his incredible work within the industry. We would also like to congratulate him on all of his successes and hope he continues to garner the recognition he deserves!

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Written by Kay Simpson

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