Celebrity Healthcare: How Do The Stars Handle Their Healthcare?

Living the life of a celebrity often means jetting away to faraway destinations for exclusive holidays or promotional tours. They can spend weeks going from one limousine to another and catching first-class flights across the Atlantic and back while working on their next project.

When it comes to their healthcare, celebs have lots of options available to them and the costs associated with treatment and check-ups will not be obstacles for them. Here is a look at the different ways celebrities in the United Kingdom handle their healthcare. 

They Will Often Pay For Private Healthcare Services

For celebrities, privacy is always important. They will go to great lengths to keep personal information and gossip out of the newspapers and off social media. Celebs will often pay a lot of money to make their holidays more exclusive and keep fans and photographers away from them.

When it comes to hospital visits and healthcare, celebrities will also pay more for private treatment to reduce any waiting time and ensure they have a private room while in the hospital. Cancer can affect anyone, and when celebrities receive a cancer diagnosis, they will often turn to private cancer care services to get the best treatment they can afford as soon as possible. 

The cancer care provided by the Circle Health Group is perfect for celebrities and the public alike. They operate 14 care centres up and down the United Kingdom that offer the best cancer care services available, using the latest treatments and technology. Their top team of doctors, surgeons, consultants, and nurses offer everyone the five-star treatment, making big celebrities feel at home during treatments.

They May Use The National Health Service

Celebrities will also make use of the free and subsidised treatment and prescriptions available on the NHS. For long-term healthcare, many will rely on private hospitals and care providers, but for GP visits or out-patient treatments, celebrities will still rely on the National Health Service.

Many celebrities work with the NHS, visiting children’s wards for example or taking part in awareness campaigns on social media and on radio and television. Though they may have private health care coverage they will still make the National Health Service their primary source of medical treatment.

Hospital staff periodically receive training on how to treat a celebrity patient or will be briefed by hospital managers and doctors before one is admitted for treatment. It usually involves a strict code of silence surrounding the celebrity’s admission and treatment. This is to reduce the chances of press or paparazzi surrounding the hospital. 

Though every patient should be given privacy, and their medical treatment should remain private by law, staff are reminded about these rights and how important they are before a celebrity patient begins treatment. The press will often pay for stories and information about celebs, and staff need to remain tight-lipped about celebrity treatment to ensure privacy laws are upheld.

Private GP Services Are Also Popular With Celebs

You may see a local celebrity at your GP clinic, but they will often visit private GPs to maintain their privacy and receive consultations at a time that suits their schedule.

There are a number of high-profile private doctors that offer general practitioner services in the centre of London that specialise in treating VIP clients. The British Royal Family use these services, and many celebs feel that if it is good enough for Princes and Princesses, it is good enough for them too.

If a celeb needs a doctor’s appointment, and it is not an emergency, then they will often alter their hectic schedules to fit in a visit to one of these expensive and exclusive GPs.

Accident Or Emergency, Being A Celebrity Does Not Matter

Private healthcare providers do not offer accident and emergency care in the UK. If a celebrity is involved in an accident and needs urgent care, they will receive the same treatment as any member of the public.

Ambulances will arrive and take the celeb to the nearest hospital for triage and treatment. If the events of the accident or emergency require the celebrity to receive care after their initial treatment at the hospital, they may be transferred to private care later for long-term treatment. This may include treatments like physiotherapy, cosmetic surgery, and palliative care.

Celebrities have to work hard for their success and the money that comes with it. It is understandable that many will rely on private healthcare, or even travel the world, to get the best treatment they can afford. 

It is important to remember that these healthcare choices are not only available to the rich and famous, but also to you. They may cost more, but in a healthcare emergency or when you are suffering from a chronic disease, money should be no object and should never stand between you and better health.

Written by Monella

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