Celebrating the Spring Equinox

The weather might still a bit changeable, but spring equinox happened officially back at the 20th of march 2019!

There are so many different rituals to welcome spring all around the world, so the right thing for Fuzzable was to take a closer look at it for you!


Hanami or O-Hanami describes the Japanese tradition of the cherry blossom festivals, which take place from March until May each year all over the country. As February is the coldest month in Japan, the temperatures literally rise with the beginning of the month March, like it’s supposed to be for Spring Equinox. Besides, seeing the cherry blossoms blossom is absolutely beautiful.


In some countries the Spring Equinox isn’t just the beginning of a new season. It marks the beginning of a new year. Like in China, where the moon calendar is the starting point to establish at which day the new year starts. As such, it isn’t the 31st of December as we are used to. The day of the new year, the beginning of spring, swings between the end of January and the beginning of February.


Since 1888 the tradition of the Beltane Fire Festival takes place at Calton Hill in Edinburgh. Every year about 15,000 visitors make their way to said place to be witnesses of this old, but not at all less impressive celebration. Elemental dancing and dazzling fire displays add to the choice of the May Queen, and it might be one of the most impressive events you will attend to celebrate the beginning of the new season.


If there is one part in Europe knowing how long and exhausting winter and snow can be, it’s Scandinavia. As it comes to Sweden, said Beltane-night is also a time of the year to celebrate. The 30th of April isn’t just the birthday of the current king, Carl Gustav, but also, as in so many other places, the Walpurgis Night. Or, as we speak about Sweden: Valborgsmässoafton.

It’s the night everyone gets the wood which they collected days or weeks earlier, ready to be burned. It’s the night to get rid of winter; it’s the time to welcome spring and start the new season, as the day after, May 1st, belongs to the labor movement.

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