Celebrate Valentine’s Day All Year Round with Lush

The love is in the air! As people celebrate Valentine’s, with their partners, friends, or with themselves, our favourite brand has come with their special treat for the day! Lush has launched some products that everyone love to smell, touch, and feel! These products also serve as great V-Day gifts, a perfect token of appreciation for the person who spend their time and effort on you. 

The first collection off the list is Peach. Comprising of Bath Bomb, Soap, and the Gift, the range comes with grapefruit oil, davana oil and the vitamins A, E and K mixed with fresh peach juice, leaving  your skin glowing and healthy at the same time.

Peachy Bath Bomb (each £4.95)

Peachy Soap (each £7)

Peachy – The Gift (each £13)

The second collection is Aubergine, comprising of a Bath Bomb and a Soap. Made up of Tonka absolute, sweet lemony aroma, and bergamot oil, this range is going to help you and your loved one relax, while you enjoy its soothing essence in your bath tub.

Aubergine Bath Bomb (each £4.95)

Aubergine Soap (each £7)

This year, the Love Boat Bath Bomb has made a comeback. Ready to help you sail, this beautiful bath bomb comes with a perfect mixture of sweet orange and sicilian lemon oil. 

Love Boat Bath Bomb (each £4.50)

Bath time is the perfect moment for anyone who wants some ‘me time’ and Lush has made a perfect product to celebrate it! Lush’s Love Locket, smelling strawberries and mixed with Tonka absolute and orange oil, comes with a little bath bomb inside a big one. Burst the lock off by removing the stopper and shake the little bath bombs into your tub. You can leave it like that, or you use the whole thing!

Locket Bath Bomb (each £7.50)


As this amazeball is a bit special, there’s a little sneak peak of what awaits you once you put it in the hot water:

FAVOURITE!! Lavender, ylang ylang, neroli oil, glitter and a little bit of magic! Try it, you will love it!

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (each £4.50)

Tip! While you’re enjoying a unicorn bubble bath, also treat your lips! Add a little bit of the shimmery, plum pudding & blueberry muffin- flavoured Unicorn Lip scrub and then, lick it off to taste a little bit of the magic. This lip scrub will surely give you smooth and moisturised lips.

Unicorn Lip Scrub (each £6.50)

When you get your hands on the unicorn gift, you will get “2 Groovy Kind Of Love bath bombs”. These bath bombs are going to envelop you with the smell of rosewood, bergamot and ylang ylang oil in the middle of a beautiful rainbow!

Unicorn Gift- including 2 Groovy Kind Of Love – Bath Bomb (each £14)

When you are not in a mood for bath, it’s always good to switch to massage bars. Organic cocoa and shea butter is going to make your skin soft, moisturised, and smooth. For Valentine’s, we have got a new message bar:

Naked Attraction Massage Bar (each £8)

You can try Lush’s Prince Charming Shower Gel (and we also get one in naked form), comprising of Pomegranate and Grapefruit Juice, Greanium Oil mixed with Marshmallow Root and Vanilla Pod Infusion. And, it is all coming in red!

Prince Charming Shower Gel (each 120g/£7)

Naked Shower Gel (each £11)

And a special treat to end our praises for Lush’s lovely product: these started off as Valentine’s  Day specials and will stay now as AYR at your fave stores!

Peachy – The Bath Bomb
Aubergine – The Bath Bomb
The Unicorn Lip Scrub

Which one of the Valentine’s Day specials are your favorites? Which comeback- product is the one you’re waiting for the most? And which of the new AYR products will be the next for you to try? Head over to @Fuzzable and share all your love for Lush with us!

Written by Vanessa

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