Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday with Primark

The first ever cartoon character to receive the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Mickey Mouse aka Michael Mouse made debut as the mascot of Walt Disney in the year 1928.

For 90 years, the character has been entertaining people across the globe. Over the period of time, Mickey Mouse has made its way to films, comics, video games, and other places.

While at first Mickey Mouse seemed to be mischievous, the character turned out to be one of the most relatable characters who had flaws like we all do and who still managed to “live” life like we all strive to live. Today, kids and adults await for the time when they would get a chance to meet the Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the Disney World. It’s needless to say that the Mouse family has become an important part of people’s lives and now it’s time to celebrate its existence.

To celebrate character’s 90th anniversary, Primark is offering a true collection of products featuring Mickey Mouse. With character imprinted on all kinds of clothing and accessories, the brand is set to celebrate the birthday in style.

Women’s PJ Legging
Minnie Glitter Backpacks
Minnie Ears
Mickey Shoes

In our opinion, no one could have done it better than Primark.What do you think about the collection? Share your thoughts via tweet @CelebMix.

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