Casino Games and Player Personality: How are They Related?

Personality traits may not be the first thing that pops onto our mind when someone mentions the term casino, but apparently, there is a clear connection between the two. Based on your specific MBTI personality type, switching over to the most well-suited casino game can improve your in-game performance, but most importantly, games more suited to your personality are likely to feel a lot more enjoyable as well. Stay with us as we discuss the topic a bit more and explore this connection a bit more.

The Inspector (ISTJ)

ISTJ represents four primary qualities defined in the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator (MBTI). These would be Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Judging. Often known as the inspector type personality, they enjoy games of logic, detail, focus, observation and predictability. As you can probably guess, these are the serious poker players who do not betray emotions easily on the table. They enjoy games with low volatility and prefer casino card games in particular.

The Mediator (INFP) 

The innate tendencies of introversion, intuitiveness, feeling and perception make mediators idealists of the highest order. While their over idealistic nature may become an obstacle at times, they are the survivors and warriors who can overcome overwhelming odds, while taking others with them. The loyal friend, idealistic leader and intuitive introvert loves playing casino games of all kinds, but they have a special preference towards slots, roulette and baccarat.

The Champion (ENFP)

The Champion is, indeed, a champion of nearly everything that he/she is interested in. The Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving personality will enjoy similar tastes in gambling to the INFPs. After all, some consider the campions to be, in many ways, a more jubilant, charismatic and socially adept version of the mediator.

Slots, roulette and baccarat being their games of choice, they truly enjoy the chance and risk vs gain factor which these games embody. Despite being goal oriented, the champions are often very disorganised and even borderline chaotic in their approach to things. Both ENFPs and INFPs should check out a big collection of casino games from SlotsHeaven to enjoy themselves the most in an online casino.

The Architect (INTJ)

Defined by a very unique combination of four winning personality traits, the architects are equally adept at abstract and analytical concepts. With a conscious ability to hide their emotions even better than the inspector, the architect is a master at poker, blackjack and everything that they feel is within their capacity to control. They are creative individuals with high intellect, but the INTJ personalities have an innate fear of losing, which might work against them in a casino setting at times.

The Protagonist (ENFJ)

They are just as charismatic as the champions, while showing off leadership qualities quite similar to the commander, aka the ENTJ personality. Since Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judgment are the core traits of a protagonist, we expect them to excel at politics, executive leadership or even in guiding roles such as those undertaken by teachers and coaches. As gamblers, the ENFJ personalities are exceptionally good in card games like poker and blackjack, but won’t shy away from taking a few occasional spins at the slot games either.

The Commander (ENTJ)

The commander is led by the primary personality traits of Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking and Judgment. Often called the strategic gambler, ENTJs are the most likely to try their hands at roulette, but only after they have learned or even mastered one or more of the many strategies involved in roulette. The same goes for strategic games such as poker and blackjack as well.

Extremely rational, natural leaders with charisma, the ENTJ has nearly every positive trait needed to succeed in life. At the same time, the commander is also associated with a superiority complex and arrogance that can lead them to a single, ruinous night of determined and uncontrolled gambling. They will try nearly anything to prove their superiority in the casino, or outside it, when provoked.

The Debater (ENTP)

The Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Prospecting debater enjoys winning and showing off their high levels of intellect more than any other personality type. As they are fun loving by nature, they also enjoy online slots quite a bit, especially due to the variety they provide to the debater. Keep in mind though, the ENTP personality is a knowledgeable, highly skilled opponent on the poker table, who enjoys the mental battle even more than the winning part.

The Advocate (INFJ)

Finally, we have the advocate, which is the rarest personality type on the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator chart. The traits Introversion, Intuitiveness, Feeling, and being Judgemental rarely come together, and when they do, they make for the best backgammon players! The advocate is usually after a cause in their professional life, and will look for adrenalin rushes in personal life. They will bet on sports, games of roulette and of course, mega jackpots, as well as other lots. The risk vs gain prospect really works for the advocates of the world, rare as they are.

Regardless of which of these eight you are, or if you fall within the other eight not mentioned here, there is a casino game for you. Finding it may also be a simple matter of trying them all out, but you will know the best suited ones as soon as you find them.

Written by Monella

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