5 ways to pass the time when you can’t sleep

We’ve all had a night or two when we just can’t get to sleep. Whether you’ve had too much caffeine, you’ve got lots on your mind or you’re worried about the day ahead, there’s nothing worse than laying in bed just waiting to fall asleep. To help you pass the time, we’ve rounded up five things to do.

1. Read a book

Rather than go on your phone and expose yourself to blue light, which is known to stimulate the brain and keep you awake, consider reading a book. Turn on your nightlamp and give yourself a challenge – perhaps a chapter or two – before you try to sleep again. Reading is known to tire your eyes and take your mind off of other situations, so it’s the perfect bedtime activity.

2. Listen to some music

Pop in your headphones and play some of your favourite songs while staring at the ceiling. In today’s always-on world, we rarely get the chance to sit and listen to an album without being distracted by a Facebook update or an annoying child getting onto the bus, so put all of your focus into the words and the song and lose yourself in the music. Just try to remember to take out your earphones and turn off your music before you fall asleep!

3. Get out of bed and move around

If you’re getting agitated and don’t think you’re going to be able to sleep, then get up and move around. Go and fix yourself a drink in the kitchen, do some stretches in the bathroom or do some light housework to take your mind off of sleeping and keep you active. Science shows that laying down in your bed for too long is counterproductive and that getting up allows you to return to your bedroom in a clear state, giving you another “chance to sleep”.

4. Make a list

Got lots to think about for the day ahead? Take out a notebook and make a list of all of the tasks and activities that you know you can’t forget about. Writing things down – even trivial things like ‘feed the cat’ and ‘remember my coat’ will clear your brain and allow you to relax. Plus, ticking them off one by one the next day will feel really satisfying and help you stay productive, despite a lack of sleep.

5. Go for a walk

If it’s not too cold, consider heading out of the house and going on a late-night stroll. Walking can help to clear your head and give you a chance to unwind and relax, plus exercise is known to make you tired at the end of the day. Make sure you leave a note to let people know where you are, just in case someone else wakes up and notices that you’re not in your bed.

Whether you’re reading this article because you’re wide awake or you’re just checking out the content on our website, we hope you have enjoyed this article. Let us know in the comments below what you get up to when you can’t sleep – we’ll include some of the best in our next blog.

Written by Jack

My name is Jack, and I'm the founder of Fuzzable.com and CelebMix.com. I work in marketing, and in my spare time, I love blogging on Fuzzable and binging YouTube videos.

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