Cannabis Sativa Dosage

Everyone who starts using cannabis for medicinal purposes is faced with the problem of determining the correct dosage. The fact is that the effects of this plant are very individual. Achieving this or that condition depends on several factors at once: a variety of cannabis, its genetic type (indica or sativa), as well as the biochemical and mental state of the patient.


Especially relevant is the problem of choosing a dosage in the case of cannabis sativa, so this type has a significant mental effect, which marijuana users call “high”. It does not suit everyone and it needs to be regulated. In this article, we will give you some practical advice so that your experience of using cannabis sativa will be always positive.


How to Get the Correct Dose of Cannabis

First of all, if you are new to the world of cannabis-infused medicals, get ready for the experiments. As we have already said, a selection of dosage can be a complicated tusk. You will be able to understand how much cannabis you need only by trying and mistaking. Do not be afraid to smoke too little – it’s always better than overestimating your strength and smoking too much, because you risk ruining your first acquaintance with cannabis sativa this way. The best method of choosing a dosage is a joint study with a “green” doctor. If you do not have the opportunity to do this, here are some general tips, collected by for using cannabis that will help you.


Dosage of Flowers

If you adore the classics and you like the aesthetics of smoking dried cannabis flowers, you can easily determine the dosage using pre-rolled joints. The recommended amount for beginners is from 0.25 mg to 0.5 g. If you are buying a pre-rolled joint in a specialized “green” dispensary, then most likely there is half a gram of cannabis in it. To understand how the THC affects your mentality and physical state, it is enough to make 2 puffs from the joint. Most newcomers are enough to feel the “high” effect with this amount and understand if an additive is needed. In the same way, you can determine the dosage by smoking cannabis sativa through the pipe.


Dosage of Edibles

Edibles with marijuana affect the body much more than during smoking it. Yes, all these cute, yummy pies are able to send an irresponsible consumer into deep space and he or she is unlikely to feel happy there. Such experiments are suitable only for those who have been using marijuana for a while and are constantly increasing the dosage. Also, such products are used in the treatment of severe pathologies, for example, cancer or an extremely severe pain syndrome.


The recommended dose of edibles with a infuse of both THC and CBD is 10 mg. Such a portion will disclose all the positive therapeutic effects of cannabis. If you feel nothing, don’t take new dose before 2 hours have passed. This is a time-window during which cannabis effects should arise.


Dosage of Full-Extract Cannabis Oil

This is another powerful product from the world of cannabis. In its purest form, it is even stronger than the edibles. The word concentrate is not used by chance, so pay attention. This oil is the essence of marijuana’s power, so you need to be extra careful with it. If you take oil for the first time, you will be enough with one small drop like a grain of rice. Take it and increase the dosage, if you feel you need it.


Sum Up

Finding a right dose is very individual, but you should study green medicals in co-operation with physician. This minimize the risks and control over your condition, which in itself facilitates the process of acquaintance with marijuana. And the last tip: if you are trying cannabis for the first time, it is better to start with strains with a high content of CBD and low THC. So you will feel the pleasant physical effects of cannabis, its therapeutic effects on relieving anxiety and insomnia, but avoid the psychoactive “high” state.

Written by MonLex

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