Can A Personal Alcohol License Help You Land Bar Work?

When hunting for a job, bar work is something that people in all sorts of situations turn to as the hospitality industry is perfect for students, those who love to meet new people, and people from all walks of life.

Working in a bar is hard work, but it can be the most fun you’ll ever have, and plenty of people pick up bar work alongside another day job simply because they love it.

But if you’re thinking about hunting for a job in a bar, you may be wondering whether you’ll need to get yourself a personal alcohol license. If you’re wondering whether or not a personal license will benefit your career, read on to find out more!

What is a personal license?

A personal license authorises you to sell alcohol on behalf of a business, although the business itself needs to hold a premises license or a club premises certificate too. The Designated Premises Supervisor must hold a personal license, and they will act as a point of contact for the authorities.

The supervisor will also authorise any members of staff who do not have their own license to serve alcohol.

Do you need one to work in a bar?

You aren’t actually required to hold your own personal license in order to work in a bar, as the supervisor can authorise you to serve alcohol. If you’re not quite clear on how the licensing laws work, this guide should help shed some light.

It won’t be held against you if you are looking for a bar job and you don’t have a personal license, so you can start your job search right away if you’ve been considering it.

Will it help you land a job?

Although you do not need a license to work in a bar, holding one definitely can help to improve your chances of being offered a job in the hospitality industry.

It will definitely help to progress your career within the industry, as roles with more responsibility such as supervisor and any management roles will require you to hold a personal license.

You are required to hold a personal license in order to be the DPS for the business you work with, so having one will definitely help you to secure these roles. If you already hold one when you apply this will definitely be a bonus, as you will have the upper hand over candidates who have yet to take the course.

A personal license can also help you to progress your career within the industry beyond bar work, as having one is valued for events in catering, events, and many other roles. It is also great to take the course to help you build your knowledge of the industry and how licensing laws work, and you’ll hold the qualification for life once you’ve gained it.

If you decide that a personal license would be beneficial for you, you can get your own through a recognised accreditor. Companies such as Hospitality Training Solutions allow you to do an online course, followed by an exam.


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