Camila Carill launches her Bug Collection Jewellery range exclusively on OSC.

Influencer Camila Carill has launched her new jewellery line, the Bug Collection exclusively on Our Social Collective. Anyone that reads Fuzzable regularly will know we have been talking about the OSC and how we can’t wait for it to launch for literally months. So we are so excited that it has and to finally see some of the collections that some of our fave influencers have been working on.

Our Social Collective is “The Worlds First Shopping Platform Exclusively for Influencer Brands”. Basically, the OSC teams up with influencers who believe in what they post and the content they create, to help the influencers create a brand that is unique and meaningful to them.  The OSC and the influencers it works with are one big family who supports each other and has a genuine love and respect for what each other does. The OSC acts as a platform for the influencers brand where fans can purchase clothes, jewellery, accessories etc that their fave influencer has designed.

One of the things we love about the OSC platform is all the influencers model their own collections. The OSC website also features lots of content from all the influencers that the OSC works with, from brunch destination recommendations to their favourite summer reads.

After months of teasing and waiting the OSC launched on Friday with Camila Carill’s Bug Collection Jewellery. The whole collection is stunning.

Camila’s Bug Collection features 31 unique and all equally gorgeous pieces. Prices for the range are very reasonable and won’t leave your bank account crying! From £15 to £109.


Meredith Blue Stud


Mafalda Bee Hair ClipMafalda Bee Hair Clip


Cordelia RingCordelia Ring


Clementine Bee Ring


Victoria Bee Earring

Elizabeth Caterpillar BraceletElizabeth Caterpillar Bracelet

Elizabeth Caterpillar Necklace


You can see the whole collection here.


OSC still has loads of collections to launch from influencers including The Glow Edit, Louis Nicolas Darbon, Sophia Smith and The Tripletsss.


What are your favourite pieces from Camila’s Bug Collection? Whose collection are you most excited to see launch next? Let us know all your thoughts on the OSC in the comments below or over on @Fuzzable!


Written by Kelly McFarland

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