Cameron Dietz’s Releases New Single “Goals”

Cameron Dietz is a singer, songwriter, and producer coming from South Florida. Started recording just at the age of 14, Cam, maybe still a new comer to most, has already garnered attention from celebrities such as Marlon Wayans, DC Young Fly and Ken Jeong. After last year’s success with his single, “Hill Valley,” Cameron Dietz is back in full stride with his new song, “Goals.” It is a single off of his upcoming EP, “Lake Destiny” that is slated to drop early 2019. Really letting his Pop roots show, Cam hits fans with a blast from the past. The record pays homage to the ’90s with clear nods to Justin Timberlake.

“Goals” is a fun song about loving yourself, and never settling or giving yourself anything less than the best. It is an upbeat, uplifting song about love, self-worth, and hope. As quoted by Cam, “I really wanted to release my first single of the year on a special occasion or holiday and Valentine’s Day couldn’t have been more perfect.”.

Cameron Dietz has always been a big fan of all types of music. As quoted by him, “You can hear the various influences in my songs. Mainly I focus on Pop & R&B, but my songs are definitely laced with different sounds from various genres of music and eras of music. Some songs have a Kanye West type of production to them. Some have a Pharrell vibe to them. Even like in ‘Goals,’ I was proud to be able to capture that ’90s Justin Timberlake sound, and I even threw in some Latin flare for the intro.” Cameron Dietz has been singing and songwriting since a young age, and taught himself how to produce and engineer songs.

Last year, Cameron released the single, “Hill Valley,” and his career really started to take off. The single was featured on various radio stations including YesJulz’s 1AM Radio and Flo Rida’s Strong Arm Radio. The song was featured on a ton of media outlets, magazines and blogs such as ThisIs50 and Highsnobiety. “Hill Valley” has even garnered attention from celebrities. Cameron Dietz was named as the “Top 10 New Artists to Discover” by Highsnobiety. Cameron Dietz is currently being managed by M.E.I. Recordings.

Often, but not limited to writing about heart break or relationships in general, Cam is normally no holds barred about letting out his emotions through lyrics and smooth, soul vocals on all of his own productions. His mellow tone mixed with catchy melodies and word play is the perfect combination of Pop and R&B. Dietz’s lit-laced lyrics backed with his own sizzling self produced track treats listeners to what beckons to feel like that early 2000 to about 2009 Pop-R&B sound some may have forgotten about.”Goals” will definitely have you on your feet and singing along. The lyrics are relatable and will resonate with music fans across the globe. Cameron Dietz is back in the studio writing and recording songs for his upcoming EP, “Lake Destiny.” Cameron Dietz is also planning to tour soon. 2019 is sure to be a huge year for Cam Deezy.!!

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