Bullet Journal Guide: Key, Calendar, Future Log

Welcome back to the ‘Bullet Journal Guide’! This month you’ll see how to set up the first few pages of your Bullet Journal, including your key, calendar and future log.


Bullet Jounaling is all about the key. The simple yet useful ‘bullet’ key allows you to quickly scan through each day, assessing tasks and their importance.

As you can see below, the most frequent bullet you will use is a single dot. When that task is complete, strike it through with a cross. This is a really visual way to check what you have completed, and are still yet to complete for the day ahead.

If a task is important yet does not demand your full attention for one day, or you run out of time, you can migrate the task. This can be done by turning the bullet into a forward arrow-head, and rewriting the task on the following day that suits you. Similarly, if the task is not important for a long while, you can change it to a backwards arrow-head and write it into your future log for later reference, this is called scheduling.

You can also add in your own bullets to suit your needs; such as events, notes and those signalling a priority task.


Adding a calendar to the front of your bullet journal is an easy way to check which date falls of which day, especially on the go. It also allows for the easy creation of monthly and daily pages.

Design your calendar how you wish. Simple and plain, or colourful and eye-catching?

Monthly Log

Your monthly log is likely to become your go-to page of your bullet journal. Here you are able to fill in the basic events and tasks of each month. From birthdays and national holidays, to celebrations and vacations, view them all in a glimpse here. You can also add in your scheduled tasks to a specific month or date instead of continually migrating them each day.

(This method works particularly well with colour coding!)

Future Log- credit: BohoBerry


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