Bullet Journal Guide: Daily Log

The main focus of a bullet journal is to keep you organised; may that be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Your daily log is essential for achieving this goal and helping you to keep track of pending tasks and events.

Here is my step-by-step guide of how to create your daily log whilst giving it your own twist!

Bullet Journal Daily Log

1. Layout

Week per spread

Credit- bulletjournalpros.com

Probably the most popular bullet journal layout is displaying a full week over a spread of two pages.

Pros: Allows you to view the week as a whole, resulting in easier planning and migrating.

Cons: The amount of room you have may be restricted, dependant on the size of your journal, writing and task list!




Credit- tinyrayofsunshine.com

Day per page

Although it is not as popular as the previous layout, this one has its advantages of displaying a day per page of your journal.

Pros: Allows for more space if you have a busy task list, or prefer your journal to look less cluttered

Cons: Uses more pages as a result, and can be difficult to fill the whole page every day


Feel free to lay out your journal the way you want it! May that be one of the above suggestions, or something to suit the size of your own journal!


2. Days and dates

A great way to keep track of time with your journal is by using day and date banners. You could use the same banner design for a week and create a theme, or let your creativity run wild each day! Below are some of my favourite examples.

It is also a good idea to add a mini-calendar to each week, allowing you to early view the whole month, aiding migrating and scheduling.

3. Extras

Customise each page the way you wish! For a few examples, you could include… Motivational quotes to set you up for the week, a colour-in key signalling how many glasses of water you’ve drunk each day, a sleep tracker, meal planner and even a weather icon each day!


Everyone has a different lifestyle and prefers some layout designs over others, make sure to choose one which is suitable for you!

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