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My first reaction to 5 iconic BTS songs

It’s no secret that KPOP group BTS is everywhere these days, and as the brother of a big BTS fan (and who is always sending her music to listen to), I finally decided it was only fair to give her favorite music a listen, too. The only KPOP group I actively listen to on my own is Red Velvet, but maybe it’s time for that to change!

I asked her to send me five songs that best represent the group, and she sent me the following five tracks, which she says combine a few old and a few new to give me a full sense of the group’s musical strength. Here are my thoughts:


Did Michael Bay direct this? That’s a lot of… fire. Joking aside, this video didn’t immediately entice me. As it progressed, however, I started to feel the beat and began dancing in my seat a little bit. Not bad!

“Save Me”

Okay, right off the bat, I enjoy the aesthetic of this song more than “Fire.” Their voices blend together well, and the simple overcast background lets the song shine. I also enjoy the slower tempo compared to “Fire.” I could actually see myself listening to this on my own.

“Fake Love”

Okay, we’re up to a very recent music video, and the production is very good! This has to be the catchiest of the three songs I’ve listened to thus far. The movie quality of the video is gripping, and I can actually hear the emotions imbued in their singing. I feel that, compared to the first two, this song best showcases each of their talents and I really dig that aspect.

“Mic Drop”

Finally a song I recognize! This beat is infectious! I really have been sleeping on BTS’ music, I guess. I could definitely see myself dancing to this while getting ready for class or work in the morning. Also: the diversity of flow in this song is kind of everything. We go from being hype to a rap verse to slowing it down toward the end. Even though I’ve heard it only one time all the way through, I don’t see this song ever getting stale.


Ooh, another one I’ve definitely heard my sister play! Where do I learn to dance like this? The choreography in the video makes this one stand out for me. I’m not sure I actually understand what’s going on with everyone dressed as a different profession, but it kept my attention and I could see this being played on American radio stations – especially with how big the group is now. I like it!

Having listened to these songs and watched the videos I can definitely understand why this group’s popularity has skyrocketed. Do you love BTS too? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your love and opinions!

Written by Preston Smith

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