BTS Collaborates with STONEHENgE for “Moment of Light” Necklaces

Some time ago, global group BTS announced their collaboration with Korean jewelry brand STONEHENgE entitled “Moment of Light,” a series of necklaces which was revealed just this May 18.

The Moment of Light Necklaces presents three concepts: Birth, Destiny, and Coexist. This necklace collection visually expresses a message about the “record of a truly shining moment.” What’s amazing about this collection is how there are 21 types of necklaces under the concept designs.

According to the collection’s official website, the collection is more than just jewelry, it shows how “someone’s worth does not change over time and makes emotions clearer over time.”

Silverstone, the co-organizer of STONEHENgE and BTS, said that they tried to visualize the emotions through the three concepts.

“This theme, which will be based on light, will be in harmony with the positive message BTS delivers.” Silverstone added.


This concept aims to add meaning not only to beauty but also to birth. It consists of two coins with seven birthstones representing each member in different directions. Birth shows that “the light shines on everyone sincerely and equally.”


This concept represents “the one shining light that shines among the many that have passed me by.” Destiny tells a story of a moment when different people lead to one path through fate. Purple stones are placed in a toggle bar design, which is both powerful and sophisticated. It also has necklaces for each member.


Lastly, the Coexist concept captures a moment of togetherness, unlike the first two concepts that feature a circular pendant, Coexist uses moon and star designs. “The moment of coexistence that will shine forever on you and me.”

STONEHENgE and BTS also unveiled the BTS Charm, an optional product for those who purchased the necklace.

Moment of Light will have advance reservations on its official website, Weverse, and Lotte Department Store’s online mall.

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Written by Euni

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