BTS and Baskin Robbins release a SWEET collaboration!

Aside from being global singers and advocates for social change, BTS are active in the advertising world. From shoes to cars and phones, the seven boys are popular across industries as bestselling promoters. ARMY is also very supportive of BTS and the products they advertise, leading most of them to get sold-out right after the release.

This time around, BTS have collaborated with the popular Baskin Robbins.

According to The Korea Herald, Baskin Robbins partnered with the boy group in promoting the flavor of the month in August and has already finished shooting the video and photo advertisements for promotion. They will also roll out BTSxBaskinRobbins merchandise such as a purple “7” keyring. However, this will only be available in South Korea.

“We believe August will be more special for Baskin Robbins with BTS,” an official from SPC Group, the operator of Baskin Robbins in South Korea, said in an official statement. “We have captured the charms of BTS in the advertisement to make you forget the summer heat, so do look forward to it.” And indeed, ARMY is loving the sweet collaboration!

Just last July 16, Baskin Robbins released the official promotional poster.

Baskin Robbins Korea released a Map of the Soul: 7 inspired cake, which South Korean ARMY can purchase. Buyers will receive a photocard along with purple spoons and the keyring.

The cake is shaped into a number “7”, divided into seven different pieces which are also seven different flavors. ARMY was also touched with how Baskin Robbins used purple spoons instead of pink ones, representing the fandom’s color. The product is now available for pre-order in Korea, and fans are hyping it up!

ARMY from all over the world is hoping that Baskin Robbins will make the collaboration available worldwide. As of writing, there is no news regarding its worldwide release. But, who knows indeed? One thing is for sure, both Fuzzable and ARMY together are more than excited for this awesome collaboration!

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Written by Euni

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