Bretman Rock x ColourPop Collaboration 2018

Another dreamy and sparkly beauty collaboration is right here that surprised every beauty lover outside. Seems like this is the season for male beauty V-loggers and product brands to come together and put us in awe. After James Charles unveiled his ‘Sister Collection’ with Morphe, 20-year-old makeup blogger and YouTuber, Bretman Rock has launched his collaboration with socially savvy, popular and affordable beauty brand ColourPop Cosmetics.

“Sometimes I’m lit, sometimes I’m wet.”. This is how beauty blogger Bretman Rock described his recently launched ColourPop collaboration. The collection comprises of 12 products that represent a nod to Bretman Rock’s Filipino heritage as well as the duality of his personality. It is a two-themed range, red and blue. One is named “Lit” and the other part is called “Wet”, which is inspired by the YouTuber’s Filipino culture and Philippines’ flag’s colors. “The flag’s main colors are red and blue so we made this a focus for the campaign images to reflect this. I also am the type of person who dresses how I like on any given day. Sometimes I feel and dresses like a girl, and other times I feel and dresses like a guy. It truly depends on what I feel like that given day. The red color reflects the girly ‘lit’ side, while the blue color, the boy ‘wet’ side.”, he said in a press release.











Following, he adds, “I just feel like when you’re gay, you’re put into this little box. You’re either supposed to be feminine or not feminine. Why pick? Why can’t I be both? I just feel like everyone should be what they feel like, any given day. Some days I feel like lifting weights, and some days I want to dress up in drag. I just want people to feel and be who and what they want when they wear this collection.”

Two of the eyeshadow palettes, for instance, are red and blue. One is named Lit, with its packaging reflecting Bretman’s feminine side, featuring him decked out in drag. The other palette Wet, features a more traditionally masculine image of the blogger. This collection also comprises of blushes, lip glosses, and new attractive body glitters. “Lit” focuses on warmer tones, like red and gold while “Wet” is an eight-color eye-shadow palette that boasts cool shades of blue. The palettes are priced at $12 each.

Image Credit: ColourPop
Bretman Rock x ColourPop collaboration is officially available from November 9 to shop on ColourPop’s website. Get a sneak peek of the products right here

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