Breaking Period Stigma with Pink Parcel’s ‘IM ON’ Campaign.

If you aren’t familliar with the brand Pink Parcel or their teenage sister bettybox, you should probally be. Pink Parcel and Betty Box are the subscription service that have made it their mission to make us females start to not dread our periods. They do this by sending out a box a few days before your visit from mother nature, the box contains enough santiry products to last you the month, some treats to eat and treats to pamper yourself with. Now Pink Parcel have decided to go one step further and break the stigma that comes with having a period.

You just have to switch on the tv, scroll through Facebook, or even look in magazines to see images of women unable to carry on with normal life because of having a period. Often women are shown as weak, and vunerable when portayed in the media which in turn has lead us ladies to believe that speaking about periods is admitting we are weak and vunerable. This isn’t the case!

In shocking figures found by Pink Parcel they found that; 91% of online content depicting menstruation shows women as weak, helpless, sad,or vulnerable, over half (56%) of women say images used to represent periods are not relevant tothem, with 40% blaming inaccurate images for feelings of period shame and embarrassment, 6 in 10 (63%) images showed menstruating women clutching stomachs, in crippling pain (40%) or laying down (52%). Just 9% showed women at work or playing sport. In turn this made a lot of women feel that when on their period women feel they appear to be weak (15%), embarrassed (31%) and ugly (21%).  In turn of this research, it seems women are not talking about their cycle as openly as they could be. This can be detramental to our healths, as if we can’t talk about changes and things that we’re not sure of then we could be ignoring symptoms of many nasty conditions.

To combat that Pink Parcel have created clothing to show that infact, women are strong when on, and get the conversation flowing. The ‘I’m On’ campaign is launching this month. A variety of cute slogan tee’s with positive phrases about our time of the month. The idea is to completly take that stigma and period shame away, and strike up the conversation about our bodies! If this amazing campaign wasn’t enough, £5 from every purchase goes directly to the amazing period organisation ‘Bloody Good Period’ who give sanitary products to asylum seekers and refugees, people who haven’t got the funds to buy these essentials we all take for granted.

Pink Parcel have worked with some major fashion names to create this line including british desogner Olivia Rubin, influencer (and icon) Natalie Lee, Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes (Journalists and podcast queens). Watch the teaser video below;

Although we always feel a little under the weather when mother nature strikes, we are in no way weak. We think these tee’s are perfect, and we can’t wait to buy ours when they launch! Register your interest, and find out more here. 

Remeber if your ‘on’, your still beautiful and strong! Let us know if your loving these tee’s by tweeting us @Fuzzable



Written by Niki

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