Branded makeup at Poundland – Say Whaaaaaaat!

Fuzzable’s beauty HQ are known for being savvy shoppers, we love getting the best bargains on products we need. From affordable hair dye to saving on our Lush needs, we’ve done it all! So imagine our excitement when we stopped in our local Poundland store, and found products from brands we can’t live without!


Although there were many brands from Max Factor, Ardell Lashes, W7 just to name a few, these are the items we’ve either tried and loved before or that we’d heard a lot about the product and wanted to try for ourselves – here’s a rundown of what and why we’d picked the items.

Lottie London Nail Polish 

We’re big fans of Lottie London, from the glitter lip switches to eye pallets we’ve not been able to get enough, so we’d figured that this green nail varnish was a shade we haven’t got in our 60+ nail polishes.

Lash Fix Lashes

We’d never heard of this brand, but human hair lash quality is insane, and no cruelty towards Minks. The lashes look whispy, and the exact day time lash we’d need for a little extra flutter.

MUA Pro Base Powder – Shade Ivory.

This powder is something we’ve used a few billion times. It sets your makeup and leaves no flashback or weird cast. Priced usually at £2.50, which is a bargain in itself, for just £1 it really was a no brainer purchase.

MUA Glow Beam Highlighting Powder. 

This highlight has the most stunning golden shade that works on most skin tones, plus it comes in a grinder packaging. We picked it up for £5 when the MUA Luxe range first was launched and ran out a few months ago, so seeing it for £1 was a little exciting.


And our favourite purchase of possibly all time. . .

MUA Luxe Set and Reflect Kit.

This is another item we purchased when MUA Luxe launched but has made its way into our favourite highlight of all time. We’d completely used up two of these highlights before, and when hitting pan on our latest one, our hearts broke as we couldn’t find it in Superdrug any longer. Since then we’ve used it sparingly, only for super special occasions, and it is crusted, busted and dusted but not replaced. Until the Poundland day of happiness. Instead of £5 for our favourite highlight of all time, it was on sale for just £1. Yes, we brought 5, just in case of emergencies, and now we can say ‘Thank You Next’ to the crusted busted but faithful one.


Hooray for Beauty Bargains!

Another lover of Poundland is Holly Vlogs, who recently uploaded her own video of bargain beauty at Poundland at her local store. Check it out below.


Let us know what is the best beauty bargain you’ve ever found by Tweeting us @Fuzzable. We’d love to hear from you


Written by Niki

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