Brains, brawn, and beauty – what do we really want in the perfect guy?

The word perfect means, or should mean, absolutely nothing when it comes to dating and relationships. However, most of us still have this idea of ‘perfection’ when it comes to love. That idea can work in our favor or make us miss out on our perfect match completely. It just depends on how we rank qualities in importance. Luckily, somewhere along the line, we began to realize that the idea of perfection means a lot more when the qualities in a person are things like a good heart, a compassionate spirit, and pretty eyes to go along with them.

While the soul of a person is what truly matters, we can’t pretend like good looks aren’t important too. What we need to do is find a good balance, and that takes some reflection within ourselves. We did some reflecting of our own and came up with 5 things that make the perfect guy, perfect. Which hopefully makes the world of dating and relationships and all that a bit easier to navigate.

Let’s preface this by saying that if you are, in fact, Ryan Gosling, then you just go above and beyond in all categories and perfect is a word that doesn’t do you justice. Also, we’re available for dinner and drinks anytime.

Now, back to the 5 things we really want in a guy. 


When it comes to the perfect guy, compassion is the number one thing we’re looking for. With compassion comes kindness, being charitable, giving love, honoring choices, respecting boundaries, and a plethora of other important things in a relationship. Compassionate guys are a bit of a rare breed because society tells men to be less emotional and more ‘tough’ and that compassion can get lost. If you’ve found a guy, or you are a guy, who still lives with compassion – you’re on to something.


There are few things in this world that feel as incredible as a good laugh. When it comes to dating, humor is extremely important. If you can’t laugh at yourself, or with your partner, your relationship is bound to be quite boring. Laughter is the best medicine, it’s a cure for any ailment, and it’s something that can help you both mentally and physically. Bonus points come with a guy who laughs so hard at his own jokes that he almost can’t finish telling them – that’s so cute it’s endearing.


Intelligence, we don’t need to say more but we will. How much do you love talking to someone and finding out that they care about things that matter? Not only that they care about them, but that they’re interested and well-read – that they know what they’re talking about. Brilliance is an underrated quality. It’s also a quality that, if more focus was given, would change the way a lot of people look at their partners. You don’t have to date a genius or be one, but it’s so refreshing to have an intellectual connection as well as an emotional and physical one.


Okay, color us superficial, but we’re only human. We are all dreaming of our perfect guy being someone who makes our knees weak with their smile or their eyes or their collar bones (it’s a thing…really). Standards of beauty differ with everyone but it is important. So if blue eyes are your thing, or a cut jawline, or a beautiful smile, or a perfect tan – don’t be afraid to go after someone who fits that picture in your mind. There’s nothing wrong with placing a bit of importance on looks.


The world is changing and opinions are changing. People are placing more importance on being open-minded and truly knowing what they believe in so that they can fight for it. There’s something incredibly attractive about a person who can stand strong in their own beliefs but respect the opinions of those that differ. Being open-minded doesn’t mean that you have to be delicate with everyone and accept everything all the time, but it does mean that a level of respect exists when there is a difference in opinions.


Did the five things we want in our perfect guy match your list? Let us know. Also, if you’ve found your perfect guy and want to brag on him a bit, let us know what qualities in him you love most and why.

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