Bracelet for Men’s—A Complete Guide

With the change in time, there is a spike in Men’s style as well. There is a prominent rise in the number of men wearing bracelets and other jewelry pieces. Whether it’s Met Gala or some fashion week, you must have seen men wearing necklaces and matching bracelets. Bracelets by Gucci, Givenchy, Dior, Celine, are trending this year. Back in time, men never used to wear jewelry—apart from wedding rings and watches. However, the trend is changing, and now the majority of the men are heading towards the new style statement.

To secure your style statement with the latest trends, we have covered a list of best bracelets. We are here to guide you on what you should be buying, and how you can follow the new trend.


When it comes to choosing the jewelry for men, there is nothing more appropriate than the mens bracelets by Riblor. Sophisticated design, hand-crafted, elegant finishing is the unique part of the bracelets by this brand. They are made from luxurious materials and are a timeless wrist piece.


Dior’s full-grain leather wrap bracelet is extremely attractive and looks extraordinary on the wrist. Moreover, designer Kim Jones has also recommended this Dior bracelet—it comes with a Dior logo. Besides, it is quite comfortable to wear and comes with a button. Also, the design is a two-layer leather wrap. This bracelet works for both casual and formal events.


There is no doubt that Donatella Versace is known for the flashy and highly-attractive design. Whether it’s for men or women— you will get a unique design from Versace. The gold-plated brass bracelet features a Medusa head stud along with the name of Versace.


Prada is a highly-known brand, and one cannot deny the aesthetics of this brand. The woven leather bracelet by Prada is impeccable. The unique thing about this bracelet is—the triangle motif with the brand’s name engraved. Besides, this bracelet goes perfectly-well with short-sleeved shirts and boxy leather bags.

Alexander McQueen

If you are a jolly and extrovert man who loves to wear fancy stuff, you must go for this chunky bracelet by Alexander McQueen. It is a perfect wrist piece for you, with a hanging skeleton. This bracelet is crafted from brass and has been given an antique silver finish, enhancing its beauty.

Alice Made This

If you are a fan of minimalist design—this bracelet is a perfect piece for you. A simple bracelet crafted from 100% sustainable material—a completely recyclable bracelet. A perfect cut with a gap in between looks aesthetically beautiful and enchanting. Besides, it is a hand-made piece and polished in copper color.


A sterling-silver bracelet is all you need for a perfect event. No matter whether you are going for a casual event or a formal one—this bracelet with the Celine Paris signature will enhance your overall personality. Nothing fancy, just a plain chain bracelet, will give a new factor to your attire.


If you are someone who adores chain designs, Clare Waight Keller designed Givenchy bracelet is exceptionally perfect for you. Whether the bracelets are trending or not, this bracelet is evergreen. A double chain bracelet with a proper hook looks exquisite.

Bottega Veneta

Who does not know about Bottega Veneta? People all around the world adore the accessories by this particular brand. Ever since Daniel Lee has taken over Bottega Veneta, the brand has transformed entirely. A simple bracelet with a hint of a knot in the middle is cherry on the top. Besides, you can pair this bracelet with 18-carat-gold plated cufflinks. This bracelet also has the name of the brand written inwards.

10.Shamballa Jewels

The bracelet by Shamballa Jewels is a one-stop solution. This bracelet goes well with all the attires. Whether you are going to a party, fashion show, or a casual gathering—this beaded bracelet will complement all your looks. The unique thing about this bracelet is its adjustability feature. You can adjust this bracelet according to your preference and look of your outfit. 18-carat gold and brown sapphire bracelet will add a unique factor to your overall dressing.


Nothing can beat the accessories by Hermes—they are unique, exquisite, versatile, and timeless. Wrist Wears by Hermes are impeccable and give a different look to your attire. This signature bracelet by Hermes is enamel, and gold-plated bracelet is a perfect wear. The design is associated with the initial of the brand and easily fits on the wrist. The touch of the white in the bracelet is the most attractive thing about this piece.

12.Tate Ossian

Looking for something fancy and unique? Tate Ossian
| must be your stop. This bracelet, by the brand despite having 139 diamond engraved, looks exceptionally happening. Not an old-school design—it’s quite a different piece with a combination of diamonds and beads along with a touch of adjusting hook.

13.Mr. Porter

From quirky beads to stark silver, you will find all kinds of men’s bracelets at Mr. Porter. Not just the name of the brand is unique; the designs are unique too. Even if you are looking for an earthy leather bracelet, you will find the best thing.

You may not have worn a bracelet ever in your life—but you must try the brands and bracelets highlighted above. A bracelet is an accessory that you can show off in many ways, and it is becoming a prominent style statement for men. However, it is necessary to choose the right bracelet that can match the outfit and other accessories. You cannot select any bracelet and wear it; it has to match the entire attire and the nature of the event.

Written by Monella

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