‘The Boyfriend Dilemma’: Book Review

The Boyfriend Dilemma tells the story of something girls can relate to. Two best friends liking the same guy? Super awkward and incredibly complicated. Layla and Zoe have been best friends for years, but can Ben come between their friendship? But more importantly, is Ben all he says he is?

This book tells the tale of young love and Fiona Foden has wrote it in a way that it captivates readers. Young or old, it takes you back to your younger teenage years and that first love and all the feelings that come along with it.

When Ben has an accident and Zoe and Layla find out he has been flirting with them both, they realise that a friendship is so much more important than a boy. No boy is ever worth losing your best friend over.

Cathy Cassidy describes ‘The Boyfriend Dilemma’ this way: ‘fun, friendship and falling in love…fab!’ Whatever age you are, this is an extremely good book to read. It will make you laugh along with the characters, but there is also an element of heartbreak. Make sure you read ‘The Boyfriend Dilemma’ – you won’t be disappointed!

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