Book Review: The Lost Wife By Anna Mansell

How do you live without the one you love?

Since Rachel lost her mother she has drifted through life, never settling down. Then she meets Ed, recently widowed and with a new baby, and is compelled to help him and his son.

Ed is struggling to cope, and his friends and family all tiptoe around his grief. Rachel is the only one who sees him as more than just a widower, and the pair soon grow close.

Then Rachel discovers something Ed’s wife was hiding from him – something that changes everything. But she knows that memories of lost loved ones are precious, and should be protected at all costs…

Can Rachel help Ed learn to live in a world where his wife is no longer around to tell her side of the story? And can Ed help Rachel to finally open her heart to a happy future?

Ed is still drowning in grief from the tragic death of his wife, Ellie, just two weeks after the birth of their son, Oli. The death of Ellie is not one that Ed could just get past, however, as Ellie was not driving the car that day – his brother Simon was. What was Ellie and Simon doing together that day? Was something more going on between the two? Where was they driving to? Were they running away together with the baby? So many questions unanswered and Ed had no way in retaining the answers from his brother, due to the guilty conscious that now hung over his head, consuming copious amounts of alcohol all day, everyday, leaving his wife alone and worried.

Rachel is a carefree young woman still trying to figure out what she wants in life. She works as a nursery nurse through the day and parties with best friend, Mo, through the night. Rachel meets Ed and Oli when he signs his son up for her nursery – a lost and broken man in need of so much help. Rachel was immediately invested – no matter how many times she was told to stay away. There is more to why Rachel is so drawn to Ed and Oli and that is because the pair of them have allowed her to open her eyes and see what her father had to go through when her mother passed away, leaving him to take care of two young children, herself and her brother. Rachel finds herself helping Ed and Oli in every way possible, possibly crossing some professional lines, but not caring. She takes time out of her day to look after Oli and allow Ed to get the truth about his wife’s death – only to find some extremely vital information herself. However, does Rachel want to be the one to tell him? Especially because she’ll then have to reveal that she was snooping through his wife’s belongings.

I could not put this book down all day! I started it Saturday morning and had it completed by the evening… This is a book that is going to take you just one day to complete, so choose the day you decide to read it wisely, as all chores/work for that day will need to be postponed. Anna managed to weave two characters, who had little to nothing in common, and made it in to something huge to the point where you just couldn’t see them not being in each other’s lives. It was a joy to see the progression of Ed and Oli, from a lost, widowed father who had no faith in life at all to a father who, although still mourned his passed-wife, had built a new life for him and his son, rekindled old hobbies and was willing to move on and have happiness in his life. Rachel’s progression was also wonderful to watch, as she was just a young woman with no idea of what her path was supposed to look like, to then finally knowing what she wanted to do and achieving every goal possible.

Another character that deserves a little paragraph is Mo. She was the most supportive best friend, also with no real motives for what she wanted in life, but was a lot more confident than Rachel with how she wanted her life to go. She found her happy ending with Greg, a previous friend of Ed’s and started a family. A loved character with a well-deserved story-line!

This story had so much packed in to it; humour, emotion and mystery. The story flowed perfectly throughout and all supporting characters balanced it all wonderfully. It will most definitely be a book that will have you feeling many emotions by the last page and a little empty that you have finished it and have now come to the end of Ed and Rachel’s story… Hopefully this isn’t the end though! I will definitely be reading more of Anna’s stories for the time being… *wink wink* *hint hint*

‘The Lost Wife’ is available for purchase now.

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