Book Review: ‘Sea Witch’ by Sarah Henning

We all can recall the story about the little mermaid by heart, right?
Even if it’s not immediately present.
We know there’s this human prince, which she fell in love with and she’s got three days without her voice to make him fall in love with her. All of that after his ship got completely damaged in a thunderstorm and she rescued him from drowning.

Now take a step back from what you already know and ask yourself these questions:
What happened before?
What happened before the sea witch took the mermaid’s voice?

Sarah Henning’s debut novel Sea Witch takes place in Denmark.
We meet Evie, the princes Nik and his cousin Iker, whom we follow and get to know their lives before and after they lost their best friend Anna to the sea.
The sea is a living thing, which is able to give and take, especially when you are capable of magic, just as Evie is.

The thoughts of Anna are always present, the wish to have her back appears throughout the story as another storm let Nik nearly drown, falling off the ship he was celebrating his birthday on.

Evie saw her… Evie saw, there was someone – something – rescuing Nik from the sea. And just a short time after that, Annemette – a mermaid – appears, with the desperate wish and hope to meet Nik and having him fall in love with her, just as she already fell in love with him.

As magic is forbidden all over the kingdom of Havenstad, both of the girls share a secret. A witch and a mermaid, which try to find their one true love in a 3 days rush of Lithasblot festivities.
As much as Evie enjoys her crush on Iker, Nik is her best friend and Mette looks SO much like Anna, as she feels even closer to her, than she might ever had to her lost friend… She’d do everything to help Mette, to win Nik’s heart before the end of these 3 days.

3 days for a mermaid on land and the possibility to stay forever, if she’ll experience her true love’s kiss.
3 days full of hopes, dreams, plans and the unexpected turn back to reality.
3 days, which will reveal all the good, the bad and all the reasons how the Sea Witch came to life and what happens when a little twist turns all your thoughts about how it could end completely upside down!

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Written by Vanessa

I love writing, music, especially concerts and books!
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