Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen is a book based on the life Mare Barrow, a young girl whose world view has been defined by her blood. Set in a world where people are divided by the color of their blood — red or silver — those with silver blood happen to also have abilities. These superhuman powers allow for the silver class to dominate society and, in some cases, control those who they deem below them as well. Through an unforeseen circumstance, Mare finds herself in the middle of this fight.

Although the synopsis that comes along with this book manages to be more spoilery than I would have liked, I was still pleasantly surprised throughout this book. Considering I had seen the cover floating around on Tumblr, I was excited when I saw Target was selling the book for a whopping $5. Which is quite the bargain, friends! Especially when I remember that I’m a broke college student with a budget of $0.

Inexpensive books are a gift, friends.

As soon as I bought the book, I loved it. I love the cover and the thoughtfulness behind the artwork. I purchased the paperback cover and found myself constantly running my hand over the cover because of the 3D crown. And — for all my book-loving friends — nothing compares to the smell of a fresh, new book.

Reading this book was a pleasure and leisure — there is no other way to define this experience. The pace, the tone, and the diction of this book made it one of my easiest readings of the year — but this probably isn’t very comparable considering all of my other readings are economic journal reviews… Again, this book felt fast-paced and vivid, without leaving the reader lost or in the dust. It’s a great read, with a great plotline, and characters that are diverse, complicated, and convoluted. At the end of this book, if you don’t feel confused and hurt, you need to read it once more.

This book has complex characters and complex situations, which make you remember the lack of simplicity in life. As soon as the plot begins to develop, one of the underlying messages of this book is the whole “nothing is black and white” thing. People’s choices and thought-processes are never easily understandable and for that reason, I salute Victoria Aveyard.

My reading experience also proved complicated.

I managed to read this book on a six hour flight from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. I took a red-eye flight and didn’t sleep at all because this book managed to wrangle me in. But, with a grand total of 27 pages left, this genius accidentally left her book on the train.

That’s right friends, I left my book on the train. But! I had purchased the audiobook version the day before my flight (I get very motion-sick, it’s a real problem *sad face*) and listened to the rest of the book when I got to my dorm.

*long sigh*

But if we’re trying to find a silver lining here: I now have an excuse to purchase the hardcover version of this book to add to my shelf. I lost $5, but now I get to spend another $11 to satisfy my nonexistent aesthetic.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable, fascinating, and enthralling read, I cannot recommend Red Queen enough. It is a great start to what seems to be a great series and I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the books.

Read this book!

Have you read Red Queen? If so, what are your thoughts? If you haven’t, make sure this on your “to read” list, you’ll definitely enjoy this read.

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