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Book Review: ‘Mike’ by Andrew Norriss

Floyd is on his way to becoming a tennis champion when one day, during a match, a stranger stops him from playing. A stranger who feels very familiar – Mike.

Mike is going to change Floyd’s life forever.

Because finding your own dream is never easy, and, sometimes, you need someone to show you the way.

Mike tells the story of young Floyd, who is on the brink of becoming a tennis champion. He has dedicated his entire life to the sport and his future in the world of tennis looks exceptionally bright. However, suddenly a stranger called Mike unexpectedly enters his life at the most inconvenient time. But just who is this stranger, and what does he want?

It’s hard to go into more detail about the plot without spoiling the entire book, however, it’s safe to say that Mike has a profound impact on Floyd and will make him reconsider what exactly he wants from life. The book will make you question your hopes and dreams, whilst encouraging you to follow the true path you’re meant to take in life.

Mike captivates you instantly and Andrew Norriss delivers the coming-of-age story in an easy to read manner. It also follows a specific timeline, allowing you to follow Floyd, the book’s protagonist, on his journey with ease. Whilst the book is centred around tennis, it proves to be enjoyable for all readers, even those who have no interest whatsoever in the sport.

Floyd is someone that we can relate to quite easily. We’ve all been in a similar position where we’re not sure what path to take, and at one point or another, we could have all done with our very own Mike to guide us along the way. The addition of Charity also offers Floyd a new direction, and it’s heartwarming to see their relationship blossom and to follow their journey over the years.

At times, Mike is rather predictable, especially considering there are no big twists or turns, however, the story is an important one to be told. There is an uplifting message to be had and one which young people need to hear. Even in the darkest of times, Mike gives you a sense of hope that everything will be okay in the end.

Mike is a cohesive offering from Andrew Norriss which will remind young adults across the world that everything in life happens for a reason and at times, when you least expect it. As a 27-year-old, I’m not the target audience for the book, however, whilst reading it I couldn’t help but wish that it had existed when I was younger. This is the perfect book for anyone who feels a little lost and needs reassurance that it will all work out eventually.

Mike is available as a paperback on January 3.

Thank you to David Fickling Books for providing an advance copy.

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