Book Review: If You Can Speak You Can Sing, CeCe Sammy

If You Can Speak You Can Sing is a book CeCe Sammy has been wanting to write for years. Her years of experience as a vocal coach for some of the entertainment industries most high profile talent make her uniquely qualified to write a book about singing and helping young people have the confidence to face the challenges that everyday life throws at them.

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The book is clever and insightful it features personal stories from CeCe and various young people she has worked with, including X Factor audtionees all who tell their stories and say how singing helped them in their lives.

If You Can Speak You Can Sing is not just a book for those who want to sing, yes it’s full of exercises to help with breathing and vocal projection. But these can also be applied to every day life. Public speaking, getting up and speaking at work or school, facing crowds and being heard, to building confidence after having it knocked due to bullying. This is a great self help book for anyone who likes to use music to escape as it shows you how to incorporate your passion to help you succceed in the things you struggle with every day.

The book features exercises and links to music which reinforce the topics and advice given. They suggest upbeat and motivational songs which help readers practice the exercises and advice.

If You Can Speak You Can Sing is a motivational and thought provoking read for anyone who loves singing, be it in the shower, car or on a more professional basis. The help and advice contained within can help readers feel more confident when facing challenges within their life.

You can buy a copy of the book here.

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