Book Review: Clara Meets The Parents By Lacey London

Almost a year has passed since Clara found love in the arms of delectable American Oliver Morgan and things are starting to heat up. The nights of tequila shots and bodycon dresses are now a distant memory, but a content Clara couldn’t be happier about it. It’s not just Clara things have changed for. Marc is settling in to his new role as Baby Daddy and Lianna is lost in the arms of the hunky Dan once again. When Oliver declares it time to meet the Texan in-laws, Clara is ecstatic and even more so when she discovers that the introduction will take place on the sandy beaches of Mexico! Will Clara be able to win over Oliver’s audacious mother? What secrets will unfold when she finds an ally in the beautiful and captivating Erica? Clara is going to need a little more than sun, sand and margaritas to get through this one…

This book takes place a year later and Clara is excited to finally be meeting the parents on the luscious beaches of Mexico! Clara being her typical and relatable self, begins the book with her impulsive purchases, tanning gone wrong and her toe polish looking horrendous. Like any other girl, Lacey shows Clara trying way too hard to look incredible and be the person Oliver’s parents would love to see him with for the rest of his life. Of course, things for Clara aren’t smooth sailing and the airport proves just that, with their first class tickets being downgraded to coach, every turn they take just becomes worse than the one before.

Oliver’s mom, Janie, is definitely a unique addition to the Clara series and doesn’t take a liking to Clara at first sight. Clara tries to bond with Janie by booking them both a massage, however, Janie has other ideas and switches Clara’s relaxing massage for a FULL body wax! You just can’t help but giggle at Clara’s suffering! Oliver’s dad, Randy, seems much more laid back and loves Clara the instant they meet.

Another rather intriguing addition to book two is Erica, who Clara meets at the bar and rants to about Janie. Erica is rather sympathetic towards Clara as she has a mother in-law to deal with herself. Oliver takes an immediate disliking to Erica but says nothing more, leaving Clara confused as she sees Erica as a lovely person. As the book carries on, Clara soon finds out that Erica and Oliver have a past and she almost takes the next flight home.

After many clashes and fights, Janie takes a step forward in her and Clara’s new friendship. Janie convinces Clara that Oliver loves her and only her, Clara shouldn’t give up this easily and that she should go back to the hotel and sort things out.

After a little extra drama and a whole lot of talking, Clara and Oliver make up and get ready to return to England. The ending is the best moment of the book as Oliver asks that one big question that’ll change their lives forever and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with this book! Lacey made this book so hilarious that I was finding myself laugh out loud and cringing at some of the horrendous but amusing disasters that occurred way too many times. This series is just something else and I can’t wait to tell you about Meet Clara Morgan as three weddings are coming up, with a groom beginning to change his mind…

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