Book Review: 72 Hours By William Casey Moreton

Finding a good e-book is always difficult for me because I much prefer a proper book in my hands; one I can flip through, one I can feel, one that has a cover I can stare at, one that allows me to see where the next chapter is. I will never have that experience with an e-book; but there are plenty of things that e-books are good for, my favourite being that it’s easier, especially when travelling. So I’ve always got loads of e-books on my Kindle app. I chose “72 Hours” to read because of the length of time it had been on my Kindle app for, and I’m so glad I did read it.

This is the first in a duology, the second being “The Prophet”. Fast-paced from start to finish, you will be gripping tightly to your phone with this book. The opening introduces us to a detective and a prison inmate, as the chapters go on and negotiations happen; the inmate, who is on death row, makes a deal. He wants to make a press conference on TV, and he’ll tell the cops where he hid the bodies of his wife and daughter. Instead of doing the latter, he puts a $500 million bounty on the death of his sister-in-law, Lindsay Hammond, live on TV. Chaos ensues.

It isn’t long until every criminal comes after Lindsay Hammond. What’s worse, is that she is looking after her two children, protecting them throughout. She doesn’t only have to look out for herself, making sure she makes it through 72 hours, but she has to look after her children too.

Luckily, the detective seeks help from Ryan Archer, who quickly becomes our main central character. He used to work alongside the detective, but due to a previous case that got him fired, he has resided on a beach, keeping himself to himself. The detective persuades him to come out of retirement and to look after Lindsay Hammond.

The story goes on with top criminals using all their influential power to win the $500 million. The story is flooded with bad decisions, distressing scenes, and constant spelling and grammatical errors. Some characters are completely flawed; however, the storyline makes up for the problems many have with the book. Entirely gripping and eagerly fascinating; William Casey Moreton absorbs the reader into Lindsay Hammond’s scariest 72 hours of her life; you won’t be able to read quick enough.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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