Boohoo x Disney- The magical clothing line

Boohoo have collaborated with the mass franchise Disney and launched a clothing range! We can tell you now, it is incredible. From the gorgeous Mickey Mouse Hoodie to oversized t-shirts, gorgeous gym wear, oversized vest tops, embroidered denim jackets and shirt dresses. BooHoo’s quality is always insane, the jumpers and hoodies look soo warm and cosy.

We are so excited as we are big fans of Boohoo anyway but this really is something special.

In our opinion Boohoo has also done a clever thing by not overloading the collection and only bringing out a select few, although to be honest we don’t think you could ever have too much Disney. But saying this we do hope they are testing the water and do eventually bring out more of the Disney characters!!

As we move into Autumn all you want to do is snuggle up by the fire wearing a nice huddie or oversized tee and be cosy. Even if you are planning a trip out these pieces would definitely not look out of place.

Check out their website to purchase some of these beauties….take a seat (you will need it) and enjoy flicking through the 24 item collection

You will find price ranges from £8-£25 which we think is perfect for some of the items on sale. So why not treat yourself this weekend with some Disney cuteness.

These are also a great idea for gifts, whilst treating yourself why not treat a friend also with a cute oversized dress or slouchy vest top!

As we said we are hoping that we see more Disney added to the Boohoo collection as we feel it would be very popular.

We know what we will be purchasing this weekend 🙂

Dont forget to tell us your favourite out of the collection by going to our twitter page and leaving us a comment



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